Sex, and then some...Peer Pressure

It was a Tuesday morning and the sunlight beamed rather unloving through the windows which had been left ajar for air. It seemed to be much hotter today than it was the day before, and the more I worried about how hot it was, the less comfortable I became staying in the dorms just waiting for Tewa.
I picked up my books, my eyes paying attention to my bag which lay on the floor as I pondered whether to dump the books in it or not. Deciding it would be too much of a hassle to try to fit my books through the clutter that had become the natural habitat of my only handbag, I got up off the metal bunk bed, books in one hand and my bag in the other and headed for the door.

"Should I tell her you were here?" 
The voice that reached me belonged to the girl sitting on the top bunk bed in the far end of the room. 'Zombie' by the Cranberries played out loudly through  the speakers of her music player, not a care in the world how the noise affected the other housemates. I had earlier decided she wasn't one to be talked to and so it was a shock to hear her talk to me.
"Yes please," I was going to leave it at just that but decided to add "That would be nice of you".
I found myself wishing i didn't almost as soon as I had finished talking as she barely acknowledged that she heard me, her head burying itself back in her pillows just as quick as it had come up.

The sun seemed to be focused on just me today I observed as I stepped out of the room exposing myself to the harshness of its rays on my skin. At this rate i could easily become at least three tones darker by the time i finished walking the long distance back to my hostel.
"We had sex. Finally!"
The words seemed to jerk through my skin bringing my senses to complete alertness.

And just when i thought the day couldn't get any more uncomfortable, the last person I had hoped to see came dangling down the corridors towards me. 

A loud mouthed I-lived-in-London-for-the-most-part-of-my-cradle-years type of girl. Her voice was loud, its texture rash and something about everything she had to say carried with it an air of arrogance about it. You couldn't win. 
A conversation with her was definitely not something i wanted to do today but she seemed oblivious of the fact as she began to talk excitedly, hands flying in all directions as they tried desperately to create meaningful gestures to support the words that had begun to fly out of her busy mouth.

Even though i had hardly heard a word she had been saying all along, her final sentence and the wide smile that accompanied it was enough to get my attention. 
I knew who she referred to when she encapsulated him in the two letter word 'We'. It had to be the same boy she had talked about incessantly these past couple of weeks.
Mayowa, as I had found his name out to be, lived in Lagos and of course the only way Sandra could have had a chance to see him let alone spread her legs to receive the bulk of his needing man-handle would be if she had been out of School on a trip this past weekend.

"I didn't even know you traveled"
"I told you jor," she retorted, stomping her left foot for emphasis.
Well forgive me for forgetting, i thought to myself. With the many words let loose from Sandra per minute it was becoming difficult to keep up.
I knew she expected me to ask, as this was the only thing that brought joy to her and made her feel alive. You had to express some form of interest in whatever Sandra had to say. Or at least, this is what i have found the case to be.
"How was it?" I asked her, for lack of a better question. 
Hell, what did i know about sex asides the well choreographed bits and pieces on display in movies. Even at that, the one minute sex scene played by Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron in the "Devil's Advocate" was the closest i had come to seeing what the real thing looked like. Everyone in class gossiped about the Halle Berry scene in 'Monsters Ball' but i was yet to indulge myself in the luxury of seeing it for myself.
"O.M.G" she gushed, calling out the letters one after the other for emphasis. "You have to experience it yourself to find out," she was saying to me. Then as if struck by a heightened sense of disbelieve she blurted out rather loudly-
"Shit! You've never had sex before!"
My head wobbled on my thin neck as the words vibrated through me. The two girls who had been walking towards us minding their private gossip all of a sudden turned in my direction, the look on their faces like they had just heard the gist of the summer. Stupid things.
I focused my attention back to Sandra as i tried to hide my embarrassment.

"Kai. You are missing oh. What are you waiting for?" she inquired, feigning a look like she cared.
It immediately vanished off her face like a veil pulled back as her next question hit me in the head without waiting to hear my response to the last one.
"So what's the gist with that your small bobo that came to see you the other day? He is fine oh".
"We are not like that", I said, praying in my heart she wouldn't have to pry.
"Hmmm..he is fine sha"

What did that even mean? So I should be in bed with every boy that was described as fine? Fine? Was that all it took to choose a boyfriend, let alone someone to have sex with? This girl must be mad.
In truth Deji was a fine lad. Maybe even too attractive sometimes. We had shared a quick kiss at the back of the Chemistry lab and it had lasted only long enough for me to catch a whiff of his cologne. Dark. Something rather too expensive for a 19 year old boy but that only made me interested in him more. The thought of sex had never crossed my mind in that way.
However I had imagined us getting married, having kids and buying a big house together, all before he even had the chance to affirm he liked me.
Only two days after our kissing rendezvous I walked into the Cafeteria and was served the heart shattering view of him and some fair-skinned girl from A block, having lunch and talking excitedly. He was lost in total admiration of her, his eyes glued to her like a child protecting candy.
Yellow girls. Always taking the only available hot boys with sense. Fuck them.

I decided it was best not to indulge Sandra in all of this information.
She wasn't going to contribute anything of value anyways and she would have only found something to pick on in jest.
"I have to run Sandy. My class starts at 3."
"Which one?"
"CIT 210"
"Ah! Oya be going oh"
She walked away without another word.
I hurried down the steps trying not to worry about the heat from the sun, at the same wondering what sex must have felt like for Sandra. She never did say anything that painted a clear picture but from the look on her face and the excitement that trailed her childish but annoying voice, it must have been something!

'Boy, what a waste of thoughts', the little voice in my head whispered. I ignored it as i began to recall images of Keanu Reeves kissing the Theron woman. So hot! Definitely a better hot than this damn sun i was walking in.
The scene played back in my head on and on till i got to class. I must have heard nothing the Lecturer had to say as I let myself daydream about the first time.

F.cking peer pressure.


  1. you really are just awesome and a bundle of inspiration, love today's entry

  2. Awesome piece..i can relate to that.

  3. Eva Alordiah your creativity really knows no bounds. From music to make up and now writing; you're such a rare gem. I enjoyed reading this piece. Please keep writing.

  4. Niece piece Eva....reading it feels like listening to you when you rock the mic!

  5. Nice one dear ds jes reminded of life in Bowen I love it cos I definitely can relate to it, keep it up babes

    1. Thank you for reading honey!!!! Im glad you can relate. Sometimes our stories are just all the same.

  6. Nothin but the truth,fucking peer pressure


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