When Comfort is no longer Comfortable

Each of us is searching for comfort, in one form or the other and we would not stop until we get it. 
What we fail to see is comfort would come, but after genuine happiness with self is attained. In the meantime however we are blinded by a little happiness here, a little more there, searching everywhere but within for something we already have the capacity to enjoy.
We may find it in the work we do, especially if our work translates to guaranteed  comfort based on how much we earn. And if we do not earn enough to bring the kind of comfort that we seek, we may discover it in it's most fickle nature of pleasures derived from external forms such as sex, money not earned from legit work, drugs, whatever our temperament of adventure may be.

And in the search for comfort that is not derived from the happiness that is result of the efforts from self, we find that we are willing to give up anything. Even give up our values, our self esteem, our worthiness as individuals, our precious time and energy.
Which i have now found to be stupid as these are the same things that we are to give up if we must earn comfort through self discovery.

Discomfort in itself is good you see, but the reason a lot of us miss the advantages of discomfort is because we are so focused on the negativity of it rather than asking the questions that lead to seeing the positivity inherent in everything.
Why is this happening? What can i learn from this?
What do I need to do now, not tomorrow to get out of this shit?
While we are refusing to ponder on the positive sides of discomfort, we then begin to go in a downward spiral through the negativity and conflict that it brings, hence the reason why a lot of us label it as such a bad thing afterall.

After the darkness comes light. The night is darkest just before dawn.
You may have heard these phrases a great many times but never put a meaning to it.

I have come to understand through real life experiences how so valuable a little discomfort here and there can be, especially towards our development and growth as human beings.
I have unfortunately spent much too long learning this but that in itself is why I value the lessons and the growth experienced from the process. Isn't that just how life works?
The pain is only temporary and the more you begin to believe that, the more you begin to realize the untapped potential within you waiting to be born.

You are powerful. Even you do not realize how much you could do for yourself. No not now. But soon you will. And oh boy when you do!
You would not believe the force that would begin to propel you through the right paths to real comfort. True divine comfort that only you can bring for yourself.
Sex, Money, self-acclaimed titles and all else there is to this vanity driven world cannot grant you the comfort that you seek but yourself.

So if you must, borrow money from a friend or whoever else cares to listen to your immature whimpering, to take care of whatever needs are so important now that you cannot do without them for a little while longer. When it is time to pay up and you can't you would realize you are in even more trouble than you started with.
If you insist and perhaps you should, Have as much sex as your fleshy desires lure you to think you require, you'd only be pleasured for a short while as long as is necessary to make an orgasm mean something to you- Well that is if you are lucky to have orgasms that mean anything but a burst and escape of good energy that could have been transmutated into valuable work done.
If it makes you happy drive around in someone else's car, happy that you don't have to take a bus and feel 'shame' for this beautiful life you have been blessed with. You would only keep driving around long enough till you forget how to do the real down-to-earth things that would make you succeed to buy your own car.

Everything good and bad that happens, happens to teach us. To strengthen us. To propel us to our dreams.

I have found that the more I am willing to endure now, the bigger the rewards that come to me. I have experienced frigging high levels of discomfort and pain and all the razzmattazz that come with that and I have made well over too many mistakes in my own poor life.  But it is just enough to let me realize that all the bullshit i may be going through now is here today and gone tomorrow.

Love yourself -Find joy in the discomfort. Go for Gold

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