I Love You - 3 words You should say to Yourself

If you looked yourself in the mirror right now, would you say you were happy with what stared back at you?
This is what should happen naturally if you were inlove with yourself.
Yes hunnie. Ever heard of falling in love? Imagine falling in love, absolutely, completely, with yourself.
It is hardly anything to do with money.
I promise you this much.
More money only means more things to buy. More places to go. More things to afford whether you needed them or not.
It doesn't necessarily teach you what you really need to know about life. You. 

The challenges of life sometimes spin us around and around only to toss us right back where we are coming from. Before you know it you wake up one morning and can barely recognize who you are.
You think it is the mirror that is playing a big joke on you until soon enough you have absolutely forgotten who you are.
Now that is where the big trouble starts. You find yourself hopping from one place to another, one book to the next, reading through bible verse after bible verse, watching one motivational speech and another and another..in search of You.
And all this time, you were with you. You never left! You woke up with you everyday. You slept the night with you every night. That was you with yourself in the bath. In the park. At the bank. Everywhere everytime.
But you were missing from you. 

You stopped Loving you. That is all that's happened. Everyday you find yourself in a constant pursuit of the 'good life', obviously 'they' have told you sometime in your life that there was a bad life.
Or was it just you who decided in your heart to label something as bad?
You completely fine tune your mind not to see the many blessings that surround you until all that you focus on is how bad things are?
Isn't it all good until we see someone who has more? Or something that appears better? Even though that in itself is another illusionary extension that has been projected unto your poor mind.

So off you go, one hard push after another in search of a good life, putting in more pressure than was ever necessary in the first place instead of just letting things be.
Soon you completely forget the one you were made to live and forget yourself all together.
Whats more, because this entire process causes you to stop focusing on you and Loving you, You begin to search for Love in every place else that is out there, external from you.
But Ha!!! How can anyone even really Love you, if you don't Love you?? Isn't that your primary assignment here?
Were you not told to Love your neighbour AS YOURSELF???? As! Yourself.
So you love you first.
You must.
You do it for you first.
And then you do it for everyone else.
"What's love got to do with it when you don't love yourself.." - Kendrick Lamar

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  1. There's something about you that really motivates me and it's very special to me...yyou rock 😊


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