#Alordian Producers! Send me Music

I have been going through my music archives for the past couple of days and I realize I haven't exactly let myself out of my zones for a hot minute.
Throughout my very eventful career as a rapper, I have worked with some of the most incredible producers I have ever met. Sossick, I.D Cabasa, Bigfoot, Tintin, Gray Jon'z, my once-in-a-while friend Sarz and T.K.
In recent times I have come across a great many dope joints produced by new and upcoming producers on the block and every now and again, someone sends in a hot beat begging for me to jump on. So I have finally decided, you know what, why not?

If you are a producer out there reading this right now and you perhaps, maybe or maybe you haven't thought of affording me the pleasure of gracing your song, well I am here now!
Please send me a beat you think is super F'ing dope that you will like for me to jump on. If I like it, I will let you know and we can finalize all paper-works necessary towards having us create magic together. Quick tip: I love emotion and feeling. The music has to have some sort of life about it that it could breathe on its own. Let me know you put your heart in this.

So what say you?

Send your beats to woltrkmusic@hotmail.com
I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Make comments below if there is something you want me to know. Also if you are reading this and know a dope producer out there, hit him up on my behalf!


  1. Dear Eva, I want to use this medium to appreciate you and your wonderful music which is one of the most cherished things in my life... #NoKidding. You are an exceptional woman and I am so glad that the Nigerian Music Industry has someone like you.
    I really can't wait for the day I'll get to see you live and at least, take a crazy selfie with you and at most, sit and talk with you. It really would be a privilege. I dream of that day and i hope to see it come true. Please Eva, Keep doing what you do, it really is appreciated! Your music brings Joy to me so please keep making incredible music for my sake and for the sake of your loving fans. I love you Eva!

    Love, ...meebee...

    P.S: I love it when you reply me on IG, that stuff makes me go GAGA, please keep doing it. LOL. I'm still anticipating oh! Waiting anxiously for the 1960 Full Album + the visuals for dope track "War Coming". Love Ya!

    1. You just brought a magical kind of warmth to my fast paced Nigerian heart. Thank you for existing!!!!! It is my pleasure to serve you with great music as is inspired me by life to give. Thank you for such a kind message. I promise you'd have your day in Selfiedom with me! LOL. Wishing you all the very best Bade and may the spirit of the Lord never depart from you! Sai Buhari! ***long fancy smirk on my frigging face***

    2. I want selfie too so I can show everybody dat calls me crazy wen I tell them eva mi is for real......selfie with eva* smiling*..1960 we are waiting.


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