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#EvaDaily 15 Feb 15

The only thing they had was water in Dubai.
Their leaders started developing the place, They figured tourism would be a great idea for income.
Oil finishes that's why the US buys our oil and keep theirs in reserve.

Dubai now has new measures for Nigerian Tourists.
There is caution as soon as they see Nigerians.
Its a different kind of treatment.
I was in Korea, just standing and admiring the place. This police man walks up to me and he says  "Where are your papers?"
I touched his shoulder and said to him
"You see that guy over there, and that one over there, have you asked him for papers?
"No No"
"So you come to ask for my papers cause I'm black."
I say to him "No you are a racist"

It flows directly from us. We go to a country and we fuck up that place where we are, We fuck up our house and fuck up other people's houses when we are there.

The average Nigerian has to learn to give value to himself. Value only comes from work. 
The problem now is no matter how hard Nigerians work, we still never get good returns for effort put in. It is just a constant cycle of struggle. There is an obvious need to begin to think as hard as we work right now. Work hard, Think Harder.

Just take steps towards the things you plan everyday. No matter how small.
Whatever you do you stay focused on your part every other thing is noise.
If the money offered is going to help me achieve what i want to achieve then every other thing is noise.

I'm only after me, I'm focusing on what I want to get.
Just ask if this thing is of any benefit to you. You know what you can get out of it, fine

This man in Qatar said to me 
"Mr T are you from Nigeria?
Your country rich like us but your leaders stupid stupid stupid
You see I very rich, every person rich but we as rich we see the people we make provisions. We move around the city free, no cry no crime no stoning.
Cause we too rich so we make them comfortable
So your country, is it hard make comfortable everyone? Why not?

Suleja walks into the room and immediately settles himself comfortable in the only chair in the space.
His legs swinging in every direction above th e ground.
I say to him "Have you eaten?"
"Yes, now now now"
"What's that in your mouth, gum?" I am puzzled by his constant chewing of something
"No oh!" he exclaims "Na chin gum".
We all burst out in a long trail of laughter that enveloped the tiny room.

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