BTS Photos and more on set of "War Coming"

This is my favorite video right now! Yea I know that is weird cause duhhh it is my own video right, and I had a hand in creating it right? I wish I could be modest. I just can't help it. This is my favorite music video ever!! heehe. Ok maybe that is a little over the top.

The song "War Coming" is one of those songs on my album that I sincerely cannot get over. We got in the studio to make this song and it was all so magical and incredibly special. Tosin, famously known as D'Guitar was the amazing talent on the lead guitars, that's what you hear when the song begins. We got in the studio together to make this song and we didn't even know what the song was going to be. But as soon as D'Guitar began to strum those chords, the melody fell right out of my mouth and I remember it like yesterday, what you hear on the final chorus of the song "War Coming" is the very first thing that came to mind.I really just ran with it.
I think this is my favorite scene. Ok one of. LOL
And then Sir Dauda, who I definitely have to work with again, lays a verse on the song and it is everything you knew it was supposed to be. Then he called it 'Just-a-freestye'. Just a Free what?? Dude is straight up nuts with this! And a superb writer too. Was such a pleasure to have him on this song.
Oh shoot! Back to the video.
Sir Dauda. Swaaaaaggggg!

So it is actually a really loooooooong story, I am going to try my very best to keep it short and sweet. Please note that I am doing my best not to bore you right now and I also have to make sure you get the movie of this gist.

It was a really dark night and Mex, the director who is also a very good friend of mine, fixed call time for shoot at 8PM.
We had all initially spent the day rehearsing our routines, which we had been on the whole week before shoot day. Raphael, the choreographer wouldn't leave anything undone. It all had to be perfect. The girls had to bring it, and the boys had to own their routines like men. Raphael was bent on making sure that happened. Perfectionist. Which is why I work with him.

Imagine how tired everyone was. We didn't leave the dance studio until about 5PM which left us only a very short time to prepare.
I got home, stared myself in the mirror and realized "Oh shoot! My hair isn't quite right!". And hell no it wasn't. I had colored it blonde a day before hoping that I would like it like all my other blonde dos, but this one just be like local tinz. I hated it.
So in the little time that I had to think of something, I decided I was going to paint my hair with white paint! Did I do it? Before nko! I snapped up my bottle of white body paint and began to paint it into my hair. And the result was amazing!! It came out buttery and milky in tone and it was all difficult to figure out and that was why I liked it. In my mind I was creative. Hell Yea I was!

Raphael, middle

I needed someone to take the images for the fashion and styling that I had laid out in my head, and make them come alive. I knew what I wanted, and as I spoke with her for the first time, -Gloria Ohiri was her name, She had told me herself before i even had a chance to ask- I could tell that she knew what I wanted too. Even just as much as I knew it.
And oh boy did she come correct! I absolutely enjoyed working with her!
My two and four nigga @theStyleinfidel could not make the shoot but he was all too helpful even though we miles apart and was able to pull off my black get up, Oh and the shoes from was just straight up fire. I have said several times how I badly have to go shoe shopping. I'd be sure to sure you my finds when I do.

Shoes! These were from

Please Click to watch "War Coming" the video below

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  1. Hmmn great song dope collabo from sir Dauda to tosin y'all were great . Eva this is good music I must say. Am sure this song will break barriers n open new ddoors but babe its only the beginning , a dnt relax after all the accolades ,make more good music and mk them realise that you got it in u. More blessings.. This ma " good music " no b lie . perfect synergy


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