#EvaDaily 'Have Ease in Everything you do' Wed April 22, 2015

Driving through the night in this neat fancy car we had talked gingerly about a lot of things, until we began to go back and forth on what it was he was going to do with himself for the night. To go back to the island? Or stay? I said stay. Who wouldn't want him to stay?

3 44AM
If I can't do it for me, then what is it that makes me want to do it for you?

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 2Pac - I aint mad at cha

From April 21.
"What does it mean to be a beautiful girl?"

A beautiful girl knows that she is beautiful and you don't have to say it to her. She sees a beautiful person stare at her when she stares at herself in the mirror. She needs no confirmation from no one else cause that which she says about herself is final. So she calls herself beautiful. But not because of what her physical appearance might convey, -that itself is beautifully and wonderfully made in the image of God- but because her soul drives her to reach for the beauty in everything.
She does for herself and never forgets to do for others.
A beautiful girl

 2Pac - I aint mad at cha

From April 21.
"What does it mean to love?"

To love is to forget about yourself and think on things for another. It is to take a major amount of the focus and attention you may have placed on yourself and extend the very same to someone else.
To love is to genuinely want a better choice for someone else. To genuinely expect good things for someone else.
To love is
Was Interrupted. Matters of the heart.
4 33AM
From April 21.
"What does it mean to be a friend?"
"Was interrupted at 4 33. Matters of the heart.

6 06AM

She pulled him to the side of the hallway, looked straight in his eyes and said to him with a clear firm note in her voice.
"Let's Fuck when we get back home. I want you."
He chuckled, a low ringing laugh that brought with it an air of sarcasm.
She smiled, her pretty girlishly-boyish smile which had worked on several men, and women in the past.
She tugged at his belt pulling him forward aiming for the bulge that was beginning to creep up slowly behind the fly of his jeans.

Had a rough night. Do not ever underestimate the power of a good night's sleep! A friend and I were speaking yesterday and he said to me "Food, Sleep, Water and Love, thats all we live on".

If I do not start my day doing all of the following I am short changing myself.
-Meditation, Prayer, Worship
-Reading something Powerful
-Writing a wakeup journal. Morning mind dump
-Working out
-Eating breakfast and drinking Water
-Creating the day. Visualization

How do you start your day?
Do you have a routine that helps to keep you healthy and focused through the day?
Yesterday I had a very awesome day!! Everythung I had planned to do was successful and I found myself gliding through it all in Love.
Even after spending the whole day on my feet at photoshoot, I still had enough energy to go on and on if I had wanted to.
I started the day with a Prayer. A special moment that my best friend and I had shared.
The fulfilling part of prayer is when we pray for our friends, loved ones and enemies. As you pray for yourself, pray for your spouse too, your family and friends, and if it is not too much to ask, Pray for them by name.

"Today I go forth in Love and I find Ease in everything I do." 10:08

Breakfast:  Spaghett, Fried Plantain, Fish
 Ron Kenoly - Let everything that has breath

11 42PM
You do it. Because

A says to B "These people who asked us to come do this thing, they want to do it on Wednesday oh. You know typical Nigerians, everything rush", a sharp look of a serious lack of interest dressing his face in royaly shades of the words "I am not sure we should do this, Might not be that important or what our time."
B immediately seeing how there was an opportunity looming in the task that presented itself to be done,

Was Interrupted. Phone call from a very beautiful #AlordianGirl @waa_yay
OMG!! She makes me happy. Hot fire spitter. Already told her to send me some of her music.  The few I have watched and heard already from Gray Jones have put me in a very comfortable position of "I am gonna listen to you!"

A very important part of communicating, after Listening of course, is knowing when to get out.

 Logic - Under Pressure 
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It is a relatively cool Lagos day. At least in this time and moment with the generator on and powering the house and the AC giving maximum life.
She has gotten herself in a very relaxed position on her bright blue yoga mat, notepad in hand, her thoughts arranging and planning the day ahead into several To-do compartments.
As she is busying herself in the shelves of her mind,
she remembers the harddrive. Although she isn't quite sure if it was in the car, she still desired to go...

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What is good for the goose may or may not be good for the gander, it all depends on the gander's perception of what is good for him.

Everytime I am talking on the phone I am talking to a fan.

1 38PM
"My Life? It all depends on who I decide to choose for me. Myself or them."

1 40PM **from 1:26
..she still desired to go check to be sure. But as she pondered on whether she wanted to make the journey from her room all the way out to the parked car outside, she immediately did not want to be removed from her now very comfortable position. She was in her zone. No one was gonna take her out of it if she wasn't ready to leave. Not even a damn important harddrive could make her stand up today.
The plan? Ask him to go get it.
Seems like they were both in a "I am not getting out of this zone zone" because as she was thinking of sending him message he was doing the exact thing!
"Shey we can turn off this gen now?" He inquires of her, fingers signally an 'abi?' with his eyes squinting.
"We might as well save the fuel," he adds just to drive home his point that the gen had to go off.
"Ehnnn ok." Was her quick sharp response baring raising her head off her notepad to look at him.

Apparently no one wants to get up and go out of this room. But somebody gotta do it.
So she nose dived into the opportunity laid out for her
"Oh bae, Please turn it off for me would you," her puppy eyes batting lashes.

1 59mIfvuou decide that this is what you have to start doing it is to now decide how am I going to start doing this eegilarly
It is about building systems

One of the things I want to start tdoing is to review my the notes everyday.
It is very important to just know the systems you want to use and make them happen. To buils these goos habits that you fuel will help u thru life
Somethings you just do and you

to be concious enough that you just want to help people and bless people.

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"Look at this bitch", he says with disgust as his eyes rise up to the ceiling. he is talking about a roach. The sometimes flying thing crawling on the short white wall of the small room
'Cockroach!', She shrieked. She hated them. When they flew all around or gingerly just crawled on by like an accepted guest of the house. Every funmigation attempt on the house had either not seen the light of day or had gone on without any major effect on the creeping and crawling things.
He gets up and co

People want to see you do what you do. Get up there. Stop fighting yourself. go out and do what you say you wanna do. Do it for you. Then do it for People

2 29PM
I am going to begin giving value, to myself and others around me everyday.
As i want to be better I want others to be better too.

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I am so grateful that my skin gets better and better everyday!
I have stayed away from harsh or supposedly chemically potent products for a really long time now and that makes me super proud.
I remember I used to be so awfully frenzied about having a break out here or there and everywhere, how this or that was imperfect or at least not as perfect as I wanted and I wanted improvement. And it was numerous product after product, trying this and that in a desperate attempt to flee the humiliation of been seen with thing causing us all this trouble
It is ok I assure you, absolutely ok to see something you do not like about yourself and want to change it or make an improvement.
However the truth is that the first improvement you want to make is the improvement of your perception of things. Your perception of yourself.
If you are seeing things about yourself physically that do not meet up your standards of who you think you should look like, and you haven't yet defined your perception of who you are on the inside, then there comes a big conflict for you.
But unfortunately the truth is we are judged by our appearance first. The visual perception of things is of couse an all too important member of the human's higher mind faculties.

5 32PM
At ten strings

5 52
now at my Auditions in tensttings. Cant keep typing. have to focus. just to update

7 44
If you are going to so something, do it better than the people who started it.

Off to the studio with Tin and then to industry night.


Made dinner for ths boys. They are all gone now and I am all alone in my tiny little world.

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