#EvaDaily πŸ’€ πŸ“° "A very long day" April 20, 2015

At Rodizzio, GRA Ikeja. Business meeting. I love these kinds of meetings. Different people and their opinions. Mostly men. Where are the women? They never seem to be so many. Maybe one or two if any.
I spent the day looking at locations and new spots.
I haven't had water today. Shit!

Photoshoot with one of my favorite Nigerian designers tomorrow. Wana Sambo. Dreams really do come true. God just has a way of arranging it all in place doesn't he? Sometimes it feels like you never know what is happening until it all happens and you begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together and it looks like it's been all set up perfectly from the start.
You begin to feel like 'Wow! I wish I knew it was all gonna turn out like this I wouldn't have stressed myself out that much mehnnn'.

I miss Tintin. I haven't seen him in over a week and it is unreal! Same with Gray. These boys have really done a number on me. I feel weird without them.

I am gonna think deeply for the next 5mins and write whatever comes to mind after that.

Deep thought. I just let it all float out of me. I feel relaxed.
6 37
I am in a very creative zone right now.
What does it mean when people say that? Is there really a place we go to? A height we try to reach in our subconcious that is somehow much better to work from, or to produce work optimally?
Everyone talks about it, the zone. Do you?

6 40
I am sitting here, water and glass in front of me on the table, these men talking football. And boxing.

6 41 Dictation

E go stand
Is it working?
It's working
**silence in the room
*Phone ringing - J.Cole.
Alex just walked in. He smells great! Uuuhhh. I like when a man smells great.
Larry Holmes had 48.
He should have avoided that fight. He is just silly
Lewis wanted to do that as well
They are watching the commentary on TV.
I'm here like 'I am going to understand this. One day.'
These guys are in their own planet. Nobody comes close.
Wetin happen to this Argentine?
Maybe he is not happy
It is a combination of factors, from fatigue to....

*A waiter comes in to serve bottles of Guinness. I am very tempted to have a bottle right now but I am having water. Let's see how long I can keep my eyes off it.*

Which team you dey support?
You wan cast me for here
Which one.
Red devil

This conversation is boring jor. I am done dictating.

6 49
Why don't guys talk about something else? Is it because this is a business meeting?
Ok you know how I told you at 6:06 that there weren't many women here. Ok there are 2 more now.
Even at that must the men talk only football? Can someone explain this to me? How everytime they sit together this is the topic that keeps them talking?

6 52
Going to read till 7:30.
7 05
Harry Porter and the Sorcerer's stone
**Couldn't read Harry Porter. Meeting took over.

Just got home. Meeting took forever. But it was really good. I am beginning to really like these corporate guys.
Lord knows I am going to kill Osa7 today.

9 22PM
I wonder sometimes why we never talk about sex. In this country? Or better yet why we talk about it in a hush hush mode. Everybody kinda just goes about it hypocritically, hush here hush there.
I wondered yesterday what it was like to be a teenager today. In this fast paced everything-at-your finger tips world of the internet?
There is definitely a poor education on sex. And sexual relations..
Parents don't want to talk about it with you, siblings don't say anything about it either. All you have ia TV, the internet and what else is there to give you the information you need.
Imagine the information everyone is consuming.
I vote proper sex education in schools. It is Penis. It is Vagina. Why are you so ashamed to call it by its name? Why is it so awful to say it? And then teach us about the gift and the curse of it all. Then maybe let us the power of will in these matters still?
Parents if you do not teach your kids certain things yourselves, someone else will teach them for you. Why lose the power of being your child's first teacher??
Oh Lord! And why in heaven do they think dumping us in school after school is enough? For the most part, I think the formal education is hardly any education at all compared to what could be passed down from parents to kids.
Wait. What is education really?

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