#EvaDaily 'All your Dreams come true' Fri April 24, 2015

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Today I spent a lot of time inside my head. This has become a sort of ongoing thing now I just shut off everything else and stay in my head.

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Mind dump
So what mind dump basically means is that I write off whatever comes to mind and I keep on doing that till my thoughts have gathered enough fire to be a little more meaningful than random. I usually write for 2minutes dumping randoms before my brain kicks and has sense.
I am thinking of all the renovating I have planned to do in my house. There is really so much I hadnt taken into consideration.

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It is beginning to look like more work than fun but I have decided to find some fun in the tedious hours of working as much as possible.
I might just call in a friend to help me with it, but even that in itself will take the fun away. Cause really the fun part for me with this task is doing it myself.
Plus all my friends have day jobs, so who's really gonna have my time? Reju. Maybe. Not that ahe doesn't have a day job, she does, but she does have some special interior skills that could xome in handy.
However I have some really interesting ideas and I kinda know how I want the house to look like when I am done with it. The adrenaline rush would come from doing it myself, so as much as I am tempted to hire someone who does interiors, or phone a friend and such and such, I wouldn't.
I think my brain could do with some unorthodox activity.
When I first moved in here I was more concerned about just the kitchen. "Oh I want to have the most beautiful comfortable little kitchen ever," I remember myself saying. I hadn't even cared for anything else in the house. All I wanted at the time was a place to cook and eat the best meals.
I didn't even buy myself a bed or create a room! Sheeesh.
Right now I am in and out of my mind with fury! I am gonna spend the weekend and the better part of next week doing this and I cannot wait to see what it all turns out like.

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Is it just me or do Nigerian men have a respect problem? Ok maybe not all of them but a whole lot of them. Forgive me please and do not be so quick to jump your socks here, I say this from experience, real life changing experience.
I have met all sorts of guys. The rich, the poor, the Mummy's boys, the just-outchere-gettin-it, the bachelors, the sitting-on-my-father's money, the I'm-tryna-do-it-better-than-my-father, the super stars..and the list could go on.
I can tell you sincerely, they all fail me.
Men keep on saying "We are very simple creatures, it is never complicated with us.." and many bla bla blas. As simple as it is supposed to be with them, they fail to make it simple for us.
I have studied guys hard and there are basically several different types depending on their situation, just as it is with girls.
If a guy has grown up being closer to his mother than his father for whatever reason, he usually tends to have a more developed feminine side. His feminine qualities will be pronounced and he is the type to be cool, calm, patient, intuitive, submissive- he learned this from his Momma. And it can be a really good thing especially for us girls, untill we begin to wait for his more masculine sides and we end up waiting forever.

It is about to rain heavily! Lord knows I am gonna go baff in the rain. **for my non-Nigerian readers, baff is our term for bathe. Everyone in Nigeria baffs. you don baff?**
I am so lucky mehnnn. Everytime it rains and I am home, I love to be out in the rain and it isn't such an eyesore cause there aren't too many people up and about. Its raining anyways who wants to be out right?
Basically there will be no one to look at me like I am some kinda mad person. Yo its coming down yooooo! I'm out. Be back in a jiffy.
There's blessing in the rain. Lets all baff in the rain!! 5:49PM

The funny little thing happened as I ran out to bathe in the rain. Unbeknownst to me it was actually a very heavy showdown! As soon as I stepped out into the rain I had all levels of chills run down my spine, my thin body, my breasts- barely concealed by the sheer white tank I was wearing.
Don't baff in the rain when it is this heavy. I just learned that.
So I ran back in after receiving a couple slaps of the blessings in the rain and as I began to open my gate, the smallest trickle of pee knocked at my Vee-Vees. In my mind I could make a quick run into the bathroom before it came down my legs.
Boy was I wrong!
It was a slippery walk-running dance to the bathroom as I was dripping wet from the rain and then a shrill cry of relief escaped my lips as I sank into the toilet.
Then I was off to the shower after that.
It is still raining quite heavily now and I am just going to go lay down and crawl back into my head, my thoughts keeping me company while I enjoy the downpour.
Dear Nepa, Fuck you. 6:12PM

Dear Lord I thank you because you always protect me. In Jesus Christ name, Amen

Opportunity is that fleeting thing that passes you by so quickly you barely even notice its presence when it hovers around you.
Opportunity that passes when you have failed at

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You know the funny thing? I actually am getting exactly what I asked for. And getting them exactly when I am ready for them.
Do you ever feel like that? You get to a point and look back on your life realizing that it's all been perfect from the jump and if you had gotten what it was you asked for much earlier than you are getting it now then you might not have enjoyed it. 11 55

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