Receive Voice messages from me Weekly! #EvaAnswers1

Remember #EvaSays? Yeah well, that is old news now and we can officially put an end to its era. It was fun but not exactly fulfilling for me, which was why I stopped in the first place.
I realized that I wanted more than just sending you voice notes and mp3s of my random musings, I mean, how does that improve my relationship with you?

I have been trying to get us to be best of friends for such a long time now, I literally wake up every morning looking and pondering on a what new ways we can get this relationship of ours on a better footing. If you are a fan that means you most probably listen to my music twice as many times as I do myself and hence probably even know me just as much as I know myself.
So what does that make you dear #Alordian? Aren't you my dear fan? And friend?

I know you have a great many questions for me, I mean I wake up to hundreds of them everyday on my Twitter and Instagram, and I have decided I would answer as many as I can on those platforms but also
So! Do you have questions you would like for me to answer via audio and video messages? Simply type them in the comment box below in this post, or ask me on Instagram and Twitter with hashtags #EvaAnswers #EvaAnswers1

I would be posting all voice messages and video messages from #EvaAnswers every Friday! Which means if you want to receive answers from me you have to get posting right away!

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  1. How do u get inspirations for ur songs and how did u become such a badass writer?#EvaAnswers


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