#EvaDaily On Eye exercises, Sex and the Rain

#EvaDaily  Sun July 19th, 2015

12:00PM  *H
12:02PM Words flow to me continuously. There is always something to write. You just gotta choose what. This is something I tell myself.
I write about everything. I try to. There is something in everything. So I read about everything too. I just like to know. And for some reason this flowery glass cup I just put in the toilet fascinates me and I am sitting here in the toilet admiring it.

And smiling to myself. I am happy. A lot of things make me happy right now.

A thought comes to me every two minutes.

**12 09
**12 16PM
A thought comes to me every minute. Reading this till 12 17

I am saying to myself this image comes to me. □12:35 This means I am doing eye exercise now
now doing eye exercises
□12:37PM I am saying to myself I can see clearly in the name of Jesus Christ. I tell the world that I can see clearly in the name of Jesus Christ. I am happy now that I can see
□12 38PM I am happy now that I can see clearly in the name of Jesus Christ. I am smiling so hard because I can see clearly in the name of Jesus Christ. I am still sitting in the toilet
□12 39PM Going back to eye exercises. I remember watching this on Youtube. something called Baits  method. I'd give you links below.
□12:40PM Back to eye exercises. Repetition tells your brain that you like what you are doing and you believe it. If it isnt eye exercise go now and keep on reading below. If it is eye exercises for Myopia, go back to top.
□□12:43PM Now doing eye exercises trying to pick the letters off this note while holding my Samsumg Galaxy S5 a little far away from my face. I am not saying you can only use a Samsung Galaxy for this
□□12:44PM For this exercise, I am just trying to let you know the kind of Phone I am working with now. You can use any phone you have.
□□12:45PM My Oga Peter C. got me this phone. For no reason. Just take - dash! Not because it is your birthday, but because it is phone. So dash. New phone.
□□12 46PM Ha! May we all have the kind of Money that will make us be dashing people phone for just dash in Jesus Christ name. Amen. I read this over for the next one minute  □□□■ 1:46PM I got stuck here at 1 45 and had to read it for one minute till 12 46! See the time above 12 46. If i take out the double number 2 I am left with 1 46 which is the time now!
□□□■Oh shit!!!! It has begun to drizzle!! RAIN!!!! YES LORD! I am going to baff in the rain!!! Yes!!!! So excited.
□□□■1 48 Now time for shower and bath in the rain. Rain Rain Come Come! My Lord please, Send down the raaaaaaaiiinnnnnn in Jesus Christ name. Amen
□□12 47PM Now reading 12 46 and believing it in Jesus Christ name
□□12 49PM Doing Eye exercises with my phone pulled far away from my face with I read this note.
□□12 50PM I am saying to myself the image becomes clearer to me in the name of Jesus Christ. So the trick I have found is in trying to see a second inage in the first image clearly
□□12 51PM Because my Samsung Galaxy phone is smashed, the screen is large and the glass of it reflects images like a mirror I am able to fit a lot of different pictures on this mirror and even use the cracks on the screen as new points of focus.
□□12 52PM Back to eye exercises still stitting on the toilet
□□12 53PM Choose to focus on the other image instead of this notepad on your phone. The notepad app I am using is called color note and I got it off the play store for free
□□12 54PM I think the color of the note might be a great factor in this exercise. Mine is currently a lemony sort of green as against a normal plain background.
□□12 55PM Oh shoot  I should probably try to do this eye exercise by changing the color to blue or purple. Something in the blue family sha. I never really was sure I could tell purple from blue growing up as a
□□12 56PM child. I always just told my friends, "You see this bluishly-purplish color? Yes this one, the hints of blue and purple is quite captivating isn't it? I am quite sure you can work with any color you have in the blue family though." At this point I very well would have left my friends quite frankly and so despondently confused, while concealing my ignorance of the clear difference between blues and purples.

□□12 59PM
Back to eye exercise
Try to see as many images as you
can at a time. Taking your focus from the phone and letting it settle on the next image you can pick on. So first you hold the phone slightly away from your face
□□1 01
Now while holding the phone away from your face you try to look at it as though you were looking in between your eyes
□□1 02
Looking at the tip of your nose. Try it now. You notice that everything directly in front of you that you can see
□□1 03
immediately doubles. The closer it is
□□1 04 To you the easier it will be to make it single again focusing as though through one eye
□□1 05 When the image settles on the left side you are working your right eye and vise versa. I just tried it now.
□□1 06 Now because my Samsung Galaxy screen becomes a sort of mirror, I can see the window behind my head as I am sitting on the toilet.
□□1 07 through my mirrornized phone screen, I am trying to see window clearly when I make my phone single after it doubles at 1 03 above.
□□1 08 Read over from 1 03 while putting my phone away from my face to a nice comfortable
□□1 09 Position where I do not have to squint or strain my eyes. Remember as you do this exercise you are saying in your head, this image comes closer to me in
□□1 10PM
the name of Jesus Christ I am so grateful that I can now see with my eyes in the name of Jesus Christ. I am smiling throughout. Back to eye exercise. Try to see window behind in the mirrornized phone screen
□□1 11 It doesnt have to be a Samsung Galaxy. Use whatever phone you fancy that can become a mirror
□□1 12 Shooooot playa! Any screen can become a mirror. Back to exercise. Take phone much further away than the last time you want to always make sure you are using
□□1 13 something far away. That's why I love using the clouds too. The vast colors in there. Plus it almost feels like you are
1 14PM Looking up to God as you say the prayer in your head.
□□1 15  I would go shower after this exercise
□□1 16 When you cannot see too images anymore it becomes easier to select something else in the frame as your new image.
□□1 17 Back to Exercise.
□□1 18 All the while saying I am so grateful I can see clearly now in the name of Jesus Christ. Remember my first encounter with this name? Or rather the first time I decided to deeply ponder upon it
□□Then my beloved neighbour Mr Abimbola gave me the book "The name of Jesus" by Hagin and a beautiful black Bibleto go with it. The best gifts this year. Thank you!
□□1 20
And I couldn't help wondering, Could it really be??
□□1 21
Back to eye exercises. Try to pull the doubled images away from eachother as far apart as your eyes can diverge them
□□1 22
They get to a point where your eyes can hold on to that focus comfortably enough to puck on another object it can see in the space. Rem
□□1 23 Remember you are look down as tgough looking at the tip of your nose
□□□■1 29 The trick is to try to focus on a whole new image after it has become single.
□□□■1 31 Getting up off the toilet going to have my bath.
□□□■1 34 God works in mysterious ways. Sometimes you just gotta trust him and let go.
□□□■1 35 One thing leads to another in the strangest of ways. All you gotta say is Baba I let you
□□□■1 36 Take control. In Jesus Christ name. Amen
□□□■1 36PM I give myself 5 mins to read this note over beginning to end.
□□□■1 37PM 5mins is not too much time to dedicate to Reading. 5 mins kwa?
□□□■1 38PM Tony Robbins does say very often, if you don't have 10 minutes you don't have a life. Imagine what you have if yoi do not have 5 minutes to read. To read. To read!!
□□□■1 39 Okay lets play a game. Indulge me here honey please? Now just read up. Look at the time on your phone. Mine says 1 40PM. Id do a capture sceen.
□□□■1 40PM So here's the game go up top read to bottom. Do it in five minutes. when I do mine i should be on 1 46. Id do a grab to show you where i stop. Go up. Read!

**12 25
I am saying to myself this image comes much closer to me. I can see so many other images in tgia one image. And because the Samsung Galaxy screen is so large, I can fit a lot of different images

**12 26P
E too sure for Mr Peter C. You know that God has sent

**12 27
God positions his appointed ones for you. When a man can meet your requests at the time of your nee.

**12 28
May you always have enough to meet each one that comes to you at the time of their need.

**12 29
That you have enough to feed your family and the birds of the air. To give some to your neighbours and even the dogs that you rare.

**12 30PM
I am praying for somebody : Oreva
Dear Lord I thank you for Or

**12 31
Dear Lord I thank you for Oreva in the name of Jesus Christ. And for his gift of music. His quickness, his fluidity, his genius.
**12 32
I am reading 12 31PM till 12:33
**12 33
There is a power that repetition has. An intense gravitation towards that which we seek. So I am going
**12 34PM
Reading this note over
Now doing eye exercises with notepad on Samsung galaxy till I am tired
**12 :18
While I do eye exercises I am saying in my head, very confidently. I can see with my eyes in the name of Jesus Christ
**12 19
I tell the world I can see with my eyes in the name of Jesus Christ
**12 20
It is about seeing from the inside so you can see on the outside
** 12 21
The trick is to try as much as possible to make the object in front of you become doubled. Like hold a finger up. Now try to look through the center
**12 22
Like you were staring on top of the bridge of your nose. I am reading this note over from the top.
It is quite fascinating how my estate is soooooooo incredibly quiet right now. No light, no generators on and the only sound is the constant chirping of the bird I hear afar off.
Because it is so silent I can hear myself so loudly in my head. I hear what I want to say to myself. What I want to say to the world. I have so much to say. I really love the silence!!:
It is a thrill what tranquility can bring you, a pleasure not many can afford. But few like us, the heavenly father has
Going back to read this note from the beginning
I am using Chimamanda's Americanah for eye exercises while I read this note till 12 30
**I am constantly telling you what I am saying. The reason I am talking or writing or rapping is because I know. And I know I know because I have experienced it. I do have a lot of life experiences to share with you.

 I want to see even more clearly with my eyes. Dear Lord Jesus I thank you for my eyes and my vision. I can see on the inside. Hence I see the outside

12 05
I read 12 02 over and over till 12:30PM while I sit here taking a shit.

She liked sex. in a weird sort of way that it was just a showing of love. A genuine showing of "I care about you" whether the person she fucked understood that or not.
Most times the men in her life usually did. They unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor in that low sort of way that said "I am not flinging it, I am just letting it slide down nice and slow. Usher"
But sometimes a few of them didn't, especially the most recent, the one she couldn't take her body off of like the gods had stuck them together with spiritual glue. He just had a way of pulling her bra towards himself from behind her so roughly and tightly that she choked both from the flattening of her breasts against her chest and losing air into her throat as his other hand would have found solace in her neck. This too, was a showing of love for her. She had a weird way of interpreting love and the way a man fucked her was a good way of telling.
This bra strangler did a sure darn good job. The only thing she hated was the guilt afterwards. How many times was it that she woke up the next morning sad and bitter and shamed by it. Guilt had a way of holding her and pinning her down in a bed of sinking sand.
And she would say she was sorry. To whoever it was that truly listened to her when she looked up with her palms clasped in prayer.
It used to make her feel very good. Pumped.
Now it just didn't do that anymore. She'd had enough for two lifetimes and she was barely a quarter century into this present one.
She wanted more. Her soul, or spirit- these terms she used interchangeably with ease- wanted more.
2 05PM


E: "I do not consider myself a Business woman. I am just a Nigerian Woman. I see business in everything"


  1. I loved this rambling of yours!
    I’m so joyous; my eyes are sweating; had a great eye exercise here.
    In my shorts… it’s cloudy here ***weather for two***; I pray Aquarius lets down the rain for I’d love to baf in the rain too.
    Thanks to life, my boo is already braless so don’t need to do the Usher thingy.
    I’mma )”make her feel very good. Pumped.(“

  2. Hmmmm some stioy...i actually read it ...lol..u got me

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  4. *smiles*..so I just stumbled upon this blog,cant believe i read all of this last piece ,pretty good,my kinda blog,you write stuff that simple minded people may not be able to interpret,or make any sense out of,like how you're fascinated by a flowery glass cup,its funny how seemingly little things can make so much meaning when you just relax and pay attention...tried the eye exercise ,my eyes almost popped out of their sockets like tom and jerry...you have an interesting mind Eva,totes wanna read more of your work.#keep at it..

  5. Wow, such artistry, I will like to get into ur mind one day n see what it's all about. Great work!!


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