8 Things Being broke will Teach You

If you have ever been broke before then like me, you must have found these times in your life to be a blessing in disguise. Every time I have ever had less money than I needed, and come out of it, (thank God) I find that I am a much better person emotionally and financially.
I'd share with you 8 of some of the many things I have learned from my not having enough days

1. Double your Hustle

When you are broke, you are reminded to work harder. But remember that working harder isn't necessarily increasing effort in the same thing, it might just be improving efficiency or changing your modus operandi.  Imagine spending 3 more hours at your job but being hardly efficient at it. You would be wasting your time and deceiving yourself that you are working hard.

2. You can Rediscover alternatives.

Being broke and/or in debt is a good experience for anyone. This is a time when your true animal instincts are heightened and your need for survival is challenged. Your creative juices would surge within you at this time, and ideas for how to make things better would begin to seep through your subconscious. Ensure that you are open to these insights and be willing to follow them when they reveal themselves to you.
Maybe you would realize your monthly paycheck isn't at all enough for your needs and you have to indulge in a new passion or take on a second job. Do that.

3. All your Friends are broke too

When you are broke you are likely to want to place a call to all your friends, well the ones you can trust, to take a loan. What you would find out is every time, every single time you are broke, they are all broke too. Nobody ever has money when I need it from them. It is crazy. Well with an exception of two people who would always find a way to make something happen, all my friends have one situation or another they are dealing with just in the time I need their help.
Does this happen to you?

4. Being broke doesn't mean You are not Rich

Being Rich or Poor is a state of the mind.
If you equate your wealth or your self worth with how much physical cash you have, then the minute you run out of physical cash, you feel less of yourself. A big chunk of your self worth is cut off and you drag yourself through the mind demeaning experience of feeling insecure. And money, on some level is really just that, an object of a false sense of security and on some level, power.

When you understand that it is not money itself that makes you rich, but who you are and what you have to give the world, then you can begin to see how it is very important that you begin to control your mind and change your thoughts and perceptions on money, and on a different level, work on increasing your self worth by improving the value you bring to the market place.
I am Rich, not because of how much is in my bank account or not in my bank account, but because of the invaluable gifts I have been blessed with and will always inherently have, if I nurture them.
When I give or share these gifts with the world, giving value out, I am recompensed in its physical materialization which is money.
Does that make sense? Do you get it?

I think, If you keep looking at this image, Money would flow to You. LOL

5. All you really need is food, Water and Good people to talk to.

Aaarhhhh! If you have ever been really so broke, to the point where all you can think about is food and water, then you know what I mean. And bad as e bad, if you cannot afford food, then hopefully God has blessed you with some good friends with whom you can laugh over your situation.

6. You don't need a New this, and another that

We can become prone to spending even when we do not really need the things we are taking off the shelves. When you do not have money to replace your things however, you begin to come up with new, ingenious ways to re-use and manage your old stuff. And if you successfully get through this stage, you would find yourself cutting back on unnecessary expenses when the time comes to spend.

7. You are financially illiterate

From being very broke at one point in my life, I finally came to the grim realization that I knew nothing about money. Of course I knew what investments I was going to make and what I needed to buy, how much I needed to save, and bla bla, but when it came down to it, I was still financially illiterate. Financial literacy I have discovered, is not necessarily something that is taught in schools. Schools teach you how to go out and work for money. They fail to teach you how to create wealth and make money work for you.
Being broke has shown me just how much of an illiterate on the subject of Money I have been and you might find yourself in the same boat too.
If you want to get ahead in life and really begin to succeed in pulling in money on some higher level, then your knowledge of money has to improve. Educate yourself. Find books. Buy books. Read them

8. If you create Value, the Money would come

You come to a point in your life where you begin to realize and truly understand that Money is given you in exchange for the value you put out or have been able to earn for yourself.
That said, your business should be about creating and maximizing the value that you bring to the market place, offering your gifts to the best of your ability.
What you want to do is really focus on giving value, become passionate about that and let it be what drives you to do what you do. The money, would come, when you are ready for it. Give and you receive. You give some kind of value and receive its physical equivalent which is Money.

These are just a few of the things I have learned from my broke days. Now do share yours please.
Have you ever being really broke before? What has being broke taught you? I really want to read your thoughts and experiences, please share in the comments below!



  1. Your blog is packed! thank you for all the inspiring posts

    1. Thank you for reading!!! I am happy to write if you keep on coming back. Love

    2. Thank you for reading!!! If you weren't here to read I'd be wasting my time. Glad you enjoy them. Please come again soon

  2. You nail it bae no.3 I love it when you broke your friends are broke too lol you are just talking to me Eva.#Evamycrush

  3. "All you really need is food, Water and 'GOOD' people to talk to." I guess that's all we truly need everyday in our lives. :)

    1. There might be more! But if we have those, Life might not be so bad right?

    2. I really do believe that. Especially the good people part. Sometimes you and your friends are broke together and you find yourselves content to just have each other. Life is weird isn't it?

  4. there was this night while I was in school, I got home late; exhausted and hungry from the day's activities. food stuff level was zero. 1k was all the cash i had left and the next day's expenses weighed heavy on my mind.
    I settled for eating out. But as i dragged myself to a joint to take poundy, i found myself getting so pissed at why my body couldn't keep from getting hungry. kept searching for reasons why i shouldn't have to eat. lol. i sha ate, resigning to the fact that food is a need afterall.

  5. i attended a boarding school. Now if u ask me i cant really remember what time night prep ended bt i can remember that i didnt enter my room early (P.s i was gossiping about which boy was catching trips with what girl) bt alas, i entered my room to find my friend waiting on my bed..... She was hungry! I was broke to stupor (i.e cash at hand) but i had a box full of provision. I didnt even think it twice or follow her to d box room to pokenose in what she would take. I just gave her my key..... About a month after i was d broke nd hungry one, an exact replica of dis gal bt u see, she was d rich and happening one. We had swapped positions nd i went to her bed...... But she wouldnt give me her key or even admit to her riches. I probably have days wen i was hungrier dan dis day, but u see dat day was d hungriest day of my life. I wanted to never be like her, i wanted to be rich just to benefit others. Thank you Eva for making me write.

    1. Oh dear! I went to a Boarding school as well so I can absolutely relate!! LOL. Those are the years when the truest colors of people manifest. You know what Solomon says of misers "As he thinks in his heart so is he".

      Some people can't help being misers and non givers. May we be ever fruitful that we may give " freely". Thanks for your comment!

  6. When your broke they are also broke...being broke doesn't mean your poor ...thanks for this Eva

  7. This is awesome, your readers are also brilliant in their comments! Thanks Eva

    1. Ain't I so glad to have them!! Thanks for coming by the blog.

  8. Hmmm. Great words! I've had those animal instincts before. No lie.. LMAO!

  9. This is very insightful and inspirational. I have also been at that point where all I wanted was food, water and a friend to laugh with about how broke were....

    I also realized in my lowly moments of being broke, that I was actually financially illiterate. And to curb my "illiteracy", I have gone on to devour books such as "The Richest Man In Babylon" and other great books on financial literacy. And my lot has improved over time.

    1. Yes!!!!!! The Richest Man in Babylon is one book I'd recommend over and over again. Rich Dad Poor Dad too! Thank you for reading

  10. A video you posted on your instagram page brought me to your blog. I kept wondering who this was that spoke my mind; the video of "I miss you". I felt someone who felt this same way as I did about my ex must have a lot to tell me . so I came here. To be honest, I never knew who you were till after posting your video on my whatsapp status and all my contacts kept saying Eva is so gifted. So i had to find out more about Eva.
    Here I am two days and still going and I've read about 6 of your stories and I can't seem to stop jotting down things in my journal while reading each story. You are amazing. Please don't stop writing because right now it feels like I'm talking to myself but a 'future me' as I am still 21. From all I've read, YOU ARE MY MENTOR. Please don't stop writing. You are helping a soul here. I love you.

    1. Thank you so much Franie, for reading, for following, for learning with me I appreciate that you are taking the time to work on becoming better and i must applaud you. I can feel your genuine warmth and I am very grateful to be able to connect with you. Thank you so much for reading. Please dont stop working on You. Sending you love


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