What it means to Create Wealth? Conversations with Franie 2

Hi Franie
  "You remember me today."
But we spoke last night!
  "We did?"
  "When? Before or after you saw your ex?"
Haha! Very funny
  "And then you tried to kiss him even after I asked you not to bother."
Yea that. I wish I listened to you.
It's not funny.
  "No it's not. It wasn't even funny when he refused. I thought he was joking at first."
Ha! I am glad he refused.
  "No you ain't glad missy. I know you wanted to smash his head against the windshield."
Haha! You really know everything Franie.
  "That is the privilege of staying in your head is it not? Anyway what seems to bother you this time?"
I am not bothered. Just pondering.
  "As is normal with you. What's up?"
Money isn't exactly what we need is it?

  "Why do you say it like that? You sound like you have figured something out."

I think I have. 


I may be wrong but I do not think we have been fair on ourselves as humans to believe that money is the end and be all of all things. I am beginning to understand Money as just a by product of something else. Wealth? Success? 

  "Yes you got that right. Being wealthy and having money are two different things but they do go hand in hand. It is not because you have money that you are wealthy, it is because you are wealthy that you have money, which is really just a physical representation of the value you have built for yourself."

Is that what it means to create wealth? Building value? 

  "Yes you got that right. First you build value on yourself by developing yourself and improving upon your skills and then you give value to others by rendering your skills and service in exchange for the physical equivalent of that value. Which you humans have termed money."

So we get to be the ones to determine what that value is ultimately?

  "Yes Yes that is what it is. It is all relative really. So the value determines his product or service to be would differ from that of the next even when they might offer the same service or function or use."

At this point can I deduce that Money is in fact a representation of value and what We are really looking for is value out of life and not money?

  "There are several ways to look at this Eva. Let us imagine for instance that you need money to go on a holiday trip to Dubai, spend a week in an expensive hotel, shop in the most high end fashion stores and have an in-room masseuse at your service every night. You get the picture?"

Chai!! That's one hot photo Franie!!

  "Hehe! I know I know. Now lets imagine the amount of money you need for all of these to be 7Million naira. If a company comes to you to represent them as their face of Tourism and travel, whatever the fuck that means and they say to you 'Eva, we would like for you to go on our holiday cruise to Dubai with exactly the same options of shopping and hotel and special care all expense paid, would you still need the 7Million for that?"

Errrr... No I guess not.

  "Why is that?"

Cause I already have it from this company for free.

  "Exactly! But now of course in this case there is some value the company is getting from you to offer you that you see? It is not exactly free. They would be giving you 7Million naira worth of an experience. And you would be representing them, doing their bid, but at least you wouldn't have to worry about the 7Million"

Hmmm I see what you mean Franie. 
So how does this relate to self worth? 

  "Aaahhh good question! Depending on how a person sees himself they may or may not be able to demand value from others. You cannot get what you do not give. So if you do not give yourself value you cannot receive value from others, whether this be represented by Money in cash, respect, patience, love, proper service, friendship and what else is there you humans consider valuable."

When you put it like that I am very tempted to ask you how this relates to the mob deal.

  "Well I guess with that you determined what value you were bringing to the company and determined that it was an unfair deal on your part, No?" 

Yea. Plus if it was activities I genuinely cared about and not just a situation of becoming an outright marketing and advertising puppet I would have been generally inclined to pursue it. 

  "Hmmm you know your stuff don't you?"

Well I guess. Wouldn't it be wonderful to associate with companies and brands who have the means to make things happen and bring genuine value to people? If money is really just a physical medium of exchange for value then what better way to exchange it than to extend it to people by providing value? Real genuine value, emotionally, psychologically, physically, materially? I mean there is so much that can be done if the driver of machine is willing to look beyond themselves and focus on the needs of others.

  "Hmmmm I am beginning to enjoy your mind."

Yea right. You live there, it is not like you have a choice.

  "Haha! No really, I am serious. So what do you want to do now?"

I want to kill all the shows and concerts I have to perform at the rest of December.

  "Which ones are you most looking forward to?"

  OLIC and The Headies

"Why those?"

  They would both be a second time. 

"In comparison to last year?"

"You need to stop comparing Woman." 

  Haha. I should. I will. I stop this instant! 

"I hear you."



Do you think I have lost weight? 

"In comparison to what you looked like last year?"




"What did I just tell you?



  1. Lol..I love this..the begining was kinda..brain brain brain..the end was just whoa..I loved it..shoutout to franie!

    1. I know right!!! Love Franie. Thank you so much for reading

  2. That franie always has a bigger point..wish some people knew about the diff between wealth-money..Thumbs up eva!

    1. Franie always has a bigger point, this much is true! Thank you for reading Jude and for stopping a minute to leave a comment. Love. 1

  3. Great ma! U are just so good.... Keep up the good work Frankie. And yes Eva stop comparing....lol. Good morning.

  4. Great ma! U are just so good.... Keep up the good work Frankie. And yes Eva stop comparing....lol. Good morning.

  5. A Quick question, can we humans actually stop comparing?? I'm askin cos consciously or unconsciously, comparism comes to play in almost evritin we try to do all in d bid to do it better or trying to outdo others(if other parties are involved?

    P.s: Franie, i take God beg u, force Eva to eat pleaseee! She's lost weight, its evident esp fron her neck. Thank u Eva xx

    1. LOL!! I assure you, Frannie is doing her best to help me eat more and more. Yes I did lose weight, I am getting Back up now though.

      I don't know for sure if we can ever stop comparing. It is ridiculous how extreme we take comparisons. And like you said, probably how we make ourselves get better. There's some logic to that.

      thanks for reading love!

    2. My pleasure hun. U requested me to mail u which i did, i dnt knw if u got d mail!

  6. Alexandra just favorited this blog.

    1. Alexandra is a G!! Hahahaa. Thank you love.


  8. Another lesson for me to adopt thanks foe sharing #Evamycrush

  9. I just bumped into your blog and I'm glad I did.


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