Answering all your Questions! #EvaAlordiahAnswers1000Questions EP2

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Thank you for all the questions so far and for helping me know myself even more!

 1. @kingdeeofficial 
 What Category do you Love the most, Rapper or Reader? ๐ŸŽค๐Ÿ“š

#EvaAlordiahAnswers1000QuestionsI have always been a reader. Especially now as we live in a 2 sentence, 160 Character world and the idea of Reading has begun to dwindle in our subconscious. I read! Sometimes I find that I am incomplete if I haven't read a book in two days. As for Rap, I may be wrong but this is strictly my opinion, it is impossible to be a 'great' Rapper if you aren't a Reader. The two go hand in hand. Rapping is only the second part after Writing has occured, whether the writing is done in your head or on paper. You write then Rap. And to Write Better, you gotta Read more. So it is so difficult to choose. But if some Hater had the opportunity to cast me off to some dessert, Of course I'd love to go with A Large Pile of books to Read and Read, as I can get tired of Rapping to myself but cannot ever get tired of Reading. I think ๐Ÿ˜Š

2. @Yetunde_O 
As a Writer do you base your works from your personal experiences or from others?

 ๐Ÿ“ #EvaAlordiahAnswers1000Questions A lot of the ideas I am blessed with are a concoction of both personal experiences and things I have picked up from other people whether that's from watching visuals, reading, photos, hear-say, wherever. Sometimes I start off an idea with something that actually happened and then as I delve deeper into the story I begin to question If I want all of me out there Raw. It's like sex you know? Sometimes you wanna go all humanly real with it but then that little voice in your head pricks your soul till you find yourself a good rubber to encase other rubbers. As that happens with my writing, even more creativity begins to flow as I am now moved to think and think and think of ways to make my stories or articles not mine or just about me alone but about the 'Story' or idea and the many ways it could be morphed into something else. And Sometimes when that happens I find myself going back into my writing and changing all the "Is" to 'Shes" and "Hes". ๐Ÿ˜‚ Other times I still keep it first person just to make it personal for the Reader. James Hardley Chase does that type of first person writing a Lot.

 3. @iam_mz.cee 
Are you planning on having ya own personal record label? Cos ima do anything to be part of it… I belong to ya dynasty mum!

๐Ÿ’ฟ #EvaAlordiahAnswers1000QuestionsI haven't planned that yet. I never know what I might say were I to answer that question in June, 2016. For now however I do intend to Work with young talents in Entertainment, and not necessarily do that as a Record Label. So what WOLTRK Ent. and myself see us doing is a lot of work to support young acts and talents where we can and move on up from there, whether they be Performing artistes, Musicians, Models, Actors, Film Makers, Dancers, Writers, Painters, Fine Artists... There would be a lotta shows and concerts this year, I see all the many opportunities to influence lasting growth and I hope to God I can give my quota.

 4. @aizzymizzy09 
Do you ever think You will die someday?
 ๐Ÿ’€ #EvaAlordiahAnswers1000QuestionsI think about Life and Death as much as I think about the fact that "I am alive now, By grace." So when I think about Death, I am reminded that I am alive now and can still try. Can still be better. I still have room to grow. I still have hope for a change. I can give more. I can do more. I can do even more today. I am alive today. Now. This moment. I still have the opportunity to get Jiggy with it and make the most of it, So when I die, (and Newsflash! ๐Ÿ“ฐ We are all Gonna Die) I can say to myself "I LIVED!"

 5. @callmekeniWhat is that One thing you wouldn't do for Love? #EvaAlordiahAnswers1000Questions ๐Ÿ’‘ You see hunnie, Love doesn't Make sense. The minute it begins to makes sense it is not Love anymore. You wouldn't know what you could do or couldn't do for Love until you are confronted with that situation. Well, I wouldn't know right now. Even as a human, we can only make projections of what we can or cannot do based on what or who we think ourselves to be or want others to see. We cannot necessarily know what Life could turn us into even to the point where we question ourselves, "Did I do that?" - "Why did I say that?" - "What was I thinking?" I really don't know what I wouldn't do. And for a 'Little-Miss-I-Sabi' like myself this is quite Sad. That I don't know ๐Ÿ˜ข

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  1. Your perspective on the future is one to live by, it reflects an enlightened mind

  2. Hi eva. I love love your styles. I plan to go on lowcut as in your picture above. Kindly help me with the list of products used, daily hair routines I can do when I eventually do cut the hair. I have a stylist who is good and I may eventually use. But if you can recommend, that will be awesome


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