11 Thoughts in 11 Minutes #11in11 (11 April 2016)

11:03AM A rare gift it is indeed to have the grace of looking up to the sky to enjoy the wonderful ever changing view..of clouds afloat

I don't know. I may be wrong. But what does it matter if I am. But I do believe I retain the right to choose what to give time for.

Life is a result of what I give time for.
Time is what I use as currency in exchange for the life I want.

Thank you so much Lord for your wonderful all pervading presence in my Life.

Close my eyes and let go, sink deeper and deeper in the Love of Jesus Christ.

Please bring me back into the warmth of your love everytime I step away.


11:11 I have a big smile on my Face. It is a wonderful thing to be alive. To be filled with Life. To be drunk on the Love that is Life. To know oneself. To be sure

11:12 What is the connection between Marijuana and eye sight?
That I am not sure of

May the Lord my God grant me the strength to pray. The grace to stay in Faith. The strength to do excellent work.

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