You must Get away from your Comfort zone and Fight for your will #11Minutes

This is not something I wrote and edited before. In fact you are currently reading this as I am typing away at my keyboard. The time now is 12:05PM Thursday October 13th 2016, and I am typing away, writing out what's in my head in an attempt to fight the writer's block that has plagued me for the past months. Although now I cannot completely claim that it has been writer's block all this time, perhaps I was too lazy to get on my PC and just write, or my phone as I sometimes find the android device useful for writing. Or maybe I just spent so many days worrying myself sick over the perfect type of post to put up or the best kind of article. And did I worry about that to the point of writing nothing at all? This is crazy. Maybe I am crazy.
I refuse to let time slip away from my hands and life without doing the things I want to do, I refuse to keep on giving in to excuses that steal the joy of doing the right activities.

Through this time, I have watched myself say things like "Oh I need to read some more so I can create better material."  or  "Oh I need to do more research on this and that.."  until finally the words begin to sound like "I am not ready."  "I am not good enough"
How many more of those are we going to tell ourselves until we get the hell up and do something about our not doing something situation? At some point you do know this has to stop. You cannot keep on giving in to all the excuses and not do anything at all about the things a big part of you wants to do.
We must understand that all of the excuses that pop up in our heads are nothing but devices to keep us from exploring that infinitely powerful part of ourselves that so desperately wants have full expression through us. We are nothing but vessels for a higher power to work through, and as I see it now, when I am not letting my higher power work through me successfully, it is because I am allowing the lower powers subdue me and hold me captive. Bound. Unable to express. Useless to the world. Ouch! That is certainly not a good place to be as a human being.

When you fully come to understand who you are, and why you are here, you will no longer allow excuses hold you bound. You would get away from your comfort zone and fight for your will.

The time now is 12:16PM and I have been writing for 11 MINUTES and I am very happy to have expressed myself through writing. What have you been stopping yourself from doing, procrastinating on, pushing aside all this time? Would you be kind tyo yourself to dedicate only 11 Minutes to do it? Please Try.


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