6 Simple Life Lessons from a 60 Year old Stranger

This always happens to me. I meet somebody for the first time, a question leads to another and an answer opens the pathway for even more questions. We connect on a more than physical level and soon we are having a lengthy mentally intriguing conversation neither of us had bargained for.That was exactly what happened the night I spoke with Madam Doyin.She had just arrived at her house, in front of which I had been doing my regular sky watching meditation, and I turned around to say 'Good evening'.from a simple Greeting to a conversation that lasted well over 30 minutes and of course, one that I would not forget in a hurry.I have tried to put it all in writing as much as I can recollect but in summary, here are Six important Life lessons I took from this beautiful conversation with her:

1. Regarding Marriage to Women: 

Your husband is just another child you have to take care of as a woman. You must see him as yours to pamper,  to care for,  to help. He is not someone to be in a competition with.  When you are with your kids you are not thinking of anything else but making sure everything about them is okay. That is exactly your job with your husband. Food,  you must always remember, is yours to prepare. If you make the mistake of not having food cooked and served,  you give your man the first reason to step out of your home. And wherever he finds what he is looking for, that's where he would begin to go. Imagine what else he could find out there! 

2. Regarding you as a Woman:

You have a lot of responsibilities but you are also blessed with the capacity to achieve on most things you set yourself up to do. It is important that you are doing something for yourself so you do not have to depend on your man so much. Your man likes knowing he can depend on you to take care of yourself and the matters in the house when he is not available. You yourself would be happier knowing you can do and have what you want, when you want, without needing him to be there. It empowers you

3. Regarding Life: 

We create our own Beauty. You have to look around you and see how you can use your creativity to make your life beautiful.  It is not about money. It is about what you are able to do with money.  When you can create Beauty in your world, you'd have even more money to create more beauty. It starts with your environment.  Your home and immediate environment is a direct reflection of your perception of a beautiful  world. A beautiful world within,  a beautiful world without. 

4. Regarding Politics and Women:

"I am 60 years old now and I am just beginning my journey in Politics.  It is important that women are involved so they can help other women have a voice too and reach the top of society. Look at me,  I do not have any positions yet but I ensure that I am attending their meetings and rallies. You have to start from somewhere. You never know what could happen as a result of being present. Sometimes,  being present is all that is needed".

5. Regarding Religion :

"I am a Muslim, and I have the same love towards everybody.  We are not here to condemn each other but to bring each other up.  You might see what someone else is doing but it is never your business to judge them,  God is the ultimate judge and only he can judge. We are just humans, whether Muslim or Christian and our ultimate agenda is to help each other. "

6. Regarding Children:

"The minute a child is born,  he is your total responsibility. You have to be there fully from the age of 1 day to 10 years because these are the formative years of a child. We adults think children are not hearing us when they are toddlers. We think because they cannot talk then they cannot hear us.  Of course they canAnd it is every information their brain receives by hearing sound,  by sight,  by feeling,  that would form and shape them as they grow. I have 3 children and 6 Grandchildren,  I have seen it happen over and over. My own daughters started cooking at 6 years old. If I don't make them do it,  who would do it?  When the house-help is not home,  who would do it for her?

I wanted to share this with you all and I do hope you have taken one or two pointers from here. Please share in comments below Life Lessons you have learned from elderly friends in the past. I enjoy reading your thoughts!


  1. This speaks a lot! Especially the part on Marriage and women. thank you for sharing

  2. This was a quick but very informative read. i usually enjoy conversations with elderly people, when they are not grouchy they are really very interesting


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