Achieve Your Goals this Year

As the new year dawns on us again, everyone is busy with goals, planning, tasks, plans and making new resolutions. I have found from personal experience that the reason we do not fully accomplish what we set out to do is we do not Decide truly what we want. And even when we do decide, we do not follow through on our plans and one major killer of goals is Starting. First by Deciding.

Decide what you are going to do. Decide what you want to achieve. 
A lot of times we do not have yet all that we need to accomplish the goals we set but think about it,  if everyone waited till they had all they needed,  nobody would do anything.  Faith is knowing that something that isn't yet apparent exists. Faith is believing in the unseen. The minute that you decide to do a thing it is completed already,  though not in the physical reality of things,  but if you can complete it in your imagination then the only thing stopping you from completing it physically is you. 
Pick a goal,  something that pulls you closer to your major goals in life. Think about all of the possible scenarios that can occur for your goals to be achieved,  all the possible things that could happen,  that should be done to achieve this goal. 
9 times out of 10 if not all the time,  there is always that one thing that can be done immediately and with least effort.  That is exactly where you should begin. What happens is with a first step taken,  you reinforce in yourself the faith that your goal can be achieved and this faith in turn charges your motivation to achieve even more. 
You are more likely to continue when you have started than when you have not started at all. And the truth is when you continue, you find that everything begins to fall in place for you. 
The hardest part of achieving anything is starting. To make starting easier however,  you have got to get yourself organized.  
The more disorganized you are,  the harder it gets to do much at all. 
Organize yourself,  priorities,  set schedules,  plan,  write out your goals,  set tasks that should be done,  be able to understand everything that should be done and see it working in your minds eye. 
When you can do this successfully,  starting becomes easy. 

A lot of times,  starting involves only a phone call,  a conversation,  an email,  or just the simple task of drafting a plan. 
What is a plan? 
Plan: A set of intended actions, usually mutually related, through which one expects to achieve a goal.

From this dictionary definition of PLAN you notice 4 powerful words - INTENDEDACTION RELATED, GOALS

When something is intended,  it means you have thought about it and you have fixed your mind on it.  It is conscious. It involves deliberate thought. 
Every plan involves Action. Without action,  nothing happens. 
For the plan to be successful,  these INTENDED ACTIONS have to be RELATED to achieve your set GOALS.

You might want to read this over again to fully grasp it. 

There is so much in this Quickie post and I hope to break them down in subsequent posts through the week.
I hope this helps. Let me know in comments below please, what your strategies are for accomplishing even more in the new year.

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