CHECK YOUR CONNECTION, Messages will be Automatically Sent


I woke up this morning at some minutes to 8AM, which was the second time I was waking up this morning. The first time had been at 5AM and I had spent that early hour taking the dogs out, praying and meditating, reading a chapter of a new book I just started before drifting off to sleep again.
Not having a clock in my room, I depend solely on my Phone for the time, which can be a bad thing I admit. 
Because of this, the phone becomes the first thing I hold in the day and it then becomes a struggle between myself and myself to put the damn thing down as I hate to be consumed by it's waiting notifications in the first hour of my day. 
But now I had just woken from a very insightful dream, one that I couldn't wait to write about and I needed to know what the time was. So grabbing the attention thief of a device, I checked and saw that the time was about 7:45AM.
I also saw below in the notification bar, the message 
  'Check your connection. Messages will be automatically…
For lack of screen space I am guessing the rest of that must be 'sent when connection is restored' or something along those lines.
The piece of that information that caught my attention, with my eyes still floating in the dreaminess of sleep and my back longing lazily for the softness of my mattress was 

And that's my reason for writing this post.
My data connection has been out a few hours since yesterday and several messages on WhatsApp have been left unsent hence the notification.

" Check your Connection. Messages will be automatically sent when connection is restored".

That right there described my Life in perfect detail!
I knew that I was out of sync. I had lost touch with the beautiful life that a real connection bestows upon each of us by grace. I had been on and off and on and off for far too long that it didn't seem normal anymore. 
Its like having a jittery weak signal on your phone. Its fast one minute and then slow the next. You spend several minutes just trying to open a page in your browser or upload a photo on Instagram. That's a weak connection.
And in my spirit I was having a weak connection.
I was happy one minute, sad the next. Sure one minute, unsure and confused the next. And then sometimes I was just unhappy for long periods of time, spending whole mornings doing nothing but brooding over the things that seemed not to be working and then at the end of the day I would have done nothing and the cycle was sure to repeat itself the next day cause I'd wake up upset with myself for how I wasted yesterday.

How many wasted yesterdays and sad mornings have you been having? How many uncertainties have you had to deal with even in the simplest of things?It is time to Check your spiritual connection.You are first a Spirit being. Understand this: When you die, it is your physical body that dies. It would be no longer capable to be a house for your spirit.
So I was in church for the evening service last night. 
No, I dragged myself to church. I had to be in Church. There was no reason not to be in church except my making a firm decision not to go. And this is where the devil traps a lot of us. Because he knows that with a weak spirit is easier to stray from God. But I knew I had to go.

Just because your spirit is weak doesn't mean you are no longer able to connect to God. You are always capable of experiencing this connection if you will tune in. You just have 1 bar on your signal now. You can get yourself to a much stronger connection with 3bars, maybe 4 and then it would be even more difficult for the devil to play silly mind games with you. Yes. Cause that is all he can do. Play with your mind, mess with your emotions, infuse thoughts that weaken you even more. 
But with a stronger connection, like a 4G with 6bars kind of connection to God? You are firm in Gods word and promises for you. When doubt is fed, you are quick to shake it off. When your vision is questioned, you have the answer ready by the power of the word.

And yesterday, I had a need to connect to God, to reestablish a strong connection. I had an innermost yearning for the presence of God, for a power that I could only get a feel of if I was in the congregation of the saints. 
Not like I hadn't been in church a long time. I am an almost constant attendee of service. But Yesterday was different.
I needed to talk to God and I did not want to just kneel by my bed in prayer. That wasn't a strong enough connection to get my message across. I needed WiFi!
It was like my need of an internet connection for my WhatsApp messages to be sent. I can't use my phone connection for Voice calls to make that happen can I? I needed Internet service.
I needed to be in an environment where my spiritual connection was so strong there was no way my messages could not get across to God. And it did!
After the service last night, I was refilled, rejuvenated, refreshed, awakened, made anew, encouraged, reassured. I was more alive than I was before I walked into church.

You must understand that you are a Spirit experiencing this physical realm of life through a physical body. You are not a physical being. You are a spirit being enjoying a physical experience for a limited time.The way you feed your physical body with physical food is how you must feed your spirit body with spiritual food.Your physical body has physical connections with other physical bodies, other forms of matter. So also your spirit body must have connections to other spirit bodies unseen.
As humans we have an eternal connection to our Source, our Creator, the Universe, All that is, our maker. Individually everyone must decide who he is connected to and seek to establish that connection again and again everyday.
In your life, you have decided for yourself who or what your source of Spiritual nourishment is how to establish this connection.

Take the phone and internet connection for example. There are so many different service providers, from country to country, even competing providers in the same country. 
But ultimately we all connect to the same Internet. Some of us will have slower connections than others, some of us will experience light-speed connections. But we are all connecting to the same thing. 

You are not separate from God and there is no part of you that was created without God. The good book tells us we were created in his image and in his likeness.

When there is a disconnection it is mostly or entirely because of sin. Often times we carry the guilt of our sin, which is its first punishment, and we make ourselves believe that we are no good to come to God. We have done this awfully wrong thing and we deserve all that is befalling us in terms of pain, hardships and sorrow. 
But God wants the best for us, he wants us to be in Joy, to have life and have it even more abundantly. Abundant life is rid of sorrow.
Abundant life is rid of pain and suffering.

Think about this: How alive would your spirit body be in death if you were not feeding it while you were alive?
I am connected to God the Father through Jesus Christ and so when I pray, I pray to a God that knows all, that is all, in whom all is. 
Now take a look at the second part of this Notification:
"Messages will be automatically sent once connection is Restored".

That speaks for itself doesn't it?
I cannot even begin to tell you how in-the-flow I have been since yesterday. How so in-sync I have felt, so sure. There is clarity like I have never had and you know what can happen? 
I can lose signal again. 
I can lose connection again. And knowing this, I gear myself up for when that happens. 
Because of cause if I lose connection again that notification would pop up wouldn't it? 
Check your connection. Messages will be automatically…

But why wait to lose connection when you can stay connected all the time?
What to do?

Watch. Pray. Listen. Read. Show Up. Obey

Just so I do not make this post eternally long, I'd write on these in a second post.
But you get my gist don't you?



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  2. Powerful... There's a typo at the end though. " Just so I do not make this post eternally "wrong", I'd write on these in a second post.
    But you get my gist don't you?

    Thanks for this ma. Thank God for you, you being a blessing, being a saint

    1. Oh Richard! Reading your comments today has made me so happy! Wow! You read all the way to the end? Thank you thank you. A lot of people do not understand why i get so emotional about people reading my words. Its quite simple really: People do not read anymore, so whenever I come across anyone who is reading what i have written, I feel so blessed! Corrected typo. Thank you. Do come again and again

  3. This write up is amazing..I love how you are so talented...and still so deep...spiritual not religious..can't wait for you to write a whole book

  4. it felt so good reading this, its exactly what i needed this morning, i am restoring my connection already. Thanks again Eva.

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