'TO SELF' - A 3 Minute Plea to Get You to Realign with Your True Divine Self (MUSIC VIDEO)

When I wrote this song back in 2016, I was just with a pen and pad, writing to myself. Or so I thought.
Even after recording the audio in the Studio with 2Jo, the producer of the record, I really did believe it was just for me, a personal thing I had to get off my chest through Rap.
But after we shot the video and I had sat through editing sessions for several long hours many nights, Listening to the song over and over again, I realized this was for You as much as it was for me. And although it took me a long time to accept that I was speaking not just To myself but for everyone else, I finally do see it.
So now as I share this with you to watch, I would like for you to really listen in and let me know if in fact I was in some way speaking to you as I was seemingly speaking to myself.

Life, as I have come to understand it, is really just a learning field. And I do believe quite honestly that before we are projected into this physical earth plane to experience this time limited reality of Life, we do set out clear intentions for the kinds of experiences or learning experiences we want to have or that we need for our soul's evolution. It is important therefore that we are completely self aware at all times, that we know who we are, that we are in tune with our true selves.
But Life isn't cut through plain and easy. There are hurdles, there are issues, there are other beings to deal with, there are so many external things to catch our attention every minute of the day and if we are not careful, we begin to lose our grip on who we are, why we are here, what we are doing. We become misaligned to our genuine selves. we begin to focus on everything else but Within, where all is. 

So this is my call to you today, that you remember always, to address the self. Yourself. That you remember always to GO WITHIN for all of the answers you seek on a daily basis. You must begin to understand that nothing happens outside of you that doesn't first happen inside of You.

In 'TO SELF' I took some time out to really have a conversation with myself.
I would like for you to do the same, in your own way. Do what you must. It might involve some writing, but writing is such an important and sacred gift that we have and probably one of the quickest ways to connect to our true divine selves.
If you do this simple exercise of just writing, questioning, talking, observing and communicating with yourself, your inner world would take a positive shift, this I can guarantee you.

Do let me know if you try this and I look forward to reading stories of your daily self improvement as you begin to look WITHIN even more everyday.


  1. Eva d incredible, you in a league of you own, you are not for the common mind, you are truly an artist, a 360 degree artist. Love Always

    1. Thank you, I am happy to be able to connect with you through my music! God bless


    1. I am really a Nigerian oh!lol. Life is the ultimate learning ground, true true

  3. Your Music is worth listening to, the awesome thing is the Message you always pass across

    1. That means a lot. I try always to ensure if i am going to have someone spend over 2 minutes of their time listening to me then it better bring some truth. It is the most important thing for me when creating music. I am very relaxed knowing that you see it that way. Thank you


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