The One thing You need To Hear Today

You do not have to see all of the path in the journey to begin the journey. All you have to do is get moving and keep moving.  A lot of times we wait.
And wait.
For a sign. For an opportunity. For a break. For some money. For an investment. We keep on waiting for something physical, forgetting that everything that is physical is first mental, spiritual, energy, unseen. 
There is a saying Opportunity comes to those who wait" or something like that. No I do not think that is true. Opportunity I think, comes to those who are on the move. You have got to meet it halfway.

Whatever it is you want to do can be started on right away. You have everything you need right now to do what you say you want to do. If you have though about it as something that should be done in your time now, then be rest assured that you have the resources, whether that be financial, emotional, mental, spiritual, to begin right now, where you are.
It is easy to make excuses.
To say you cannot start except you have this and that amount of money.
Or this type of car.
Or this connection with some person or the other.
Or lived in this kind of place or had this and that.
All of that is nothing but a mirage of excuses set up to keep you blinded to the miracle that is all around you.
The more you focus on the things you think are holding you back from taking that first step, the more of those you'd see and the longer it would take to make the step yoy should have made.
A lot of us are stuck in the same place month after month, year after year, simply because we refuse to move. And we refuse to move because we tell ourselves that we can't, because we do not now have this or that. Lies. All lies we tell ourselves to keep us sabotaged.
But why? Why would you say that I am keeping myself sabotaged Eva? Would I really not like myself enough to then sabotage myself.
Indeed I tell you, not whether you like yourself or don't like yourself, but simply YOU DO NOT KNOW YOURSELF.
You do not know the power that you have within you to change your situation, to make a move, to be resourceful, to do great things with little.
You do not know that you have the ability for more, if you did you wouldn't stop yourself from having more by setting yourself up against all these excuses you keep spewing away.

Take a step back, look at your life. Look at your goals. Then focus on that one goal. What could you do right now to begin? If you could make one step, on your own without any help from anyone, what would that one step entail? 

FAITH is taking a step even before you know how the journey would unfold. Your Faith is what the universe operates with when it is working to help create the life that you say you want.
You are on this side of Life simply co-creating with the Universe and if you set an intention to do something the Universe immediately goes to work on your behalf, setting all things in motion to work for you. 
BUT ONLY IF YOUR FAITH is fired up and charging these sequence of event.
Faith without works is dead. This is written in the good book I love so much.

You cannot say you have Faith and not move a muscle. FAITH and ACTION go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other. Where you have Faith and not Act, you fail. Where you Act without Faith, you fail.

This is what you should do. 
1. Bring up a task you have been pushing on simply because you did not have all the resources needed for it available to you in sight. 

2. Pick up this goal and outline every single step that would lead to it's completion.

3. Look at the steps you have outlined and ensure that you can see the Goal materializing successfully should these steps be followed.

The very first step to begin the sequence usually always depends solely on you. There is always something for you to do that can be done now.
The question is would you do it?


  1. Hey You! I hope you enjoyed reading this? Do leave me a comment and share your thoughts with me. I am delighted to read back from you! Love

    1. thank you Eva the lesson i have learnt from your talk today is that FAITH without action is nothing and this has been happening to many people we fail to do things because we have faith but we cant put that faith in action

    2. Very true! Action, no matter how little, if done consistently, will prove results possible! Thank you so much for reading honey

  2. This is a summary of my take home from the article "Take a step back, look at your life. Look at your goals. Then focus on that one goal. What could you do right now to begin? If you could make one step, on your own without any help from anyone, what would that one step entail?" Ive decided to do some very important things ive been postponing cos i felt the time wasnt right. Thank you EVA,you are awesome.

    1. I am so glad that this was helpful for you. I wish you so much success in all of these things you want to do. Go kill em!


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