It is very easy to do nothing but doing nothing is not going to make you feel better, it is going to make you feel much worse. I have tried it and I know. I have slept for 24 hours before because it was all I could do with myself, simply lie in bed doing nothing. And who better than I, to tell you that this does nothing but worsen your present condition.

It is easy to do nothing but doing nothing today would make you feel much worse tomorrow I guarantee it.
As human beings we have so much power and energy that must be exerted to the doing of something. Your mind is a powerhouse of information and it is constantly working and seeking work.
If you give it no work to do it would go on auto drive and who knows whats there for it to process?
Even sick people get tired of being in bed all day doing nothing.

When I found myself in this state of "I don't want to do anything," I slowly began to realize after many days of doing nothing and getting worse, that this was a time for me to re-educate my mind. 
To feed it new food. 
To learn something new.
So although I didn't feel like doing anything but lie in bed, I found that I could read. Hence began a reading marathon that I am sure did a lot of good for my mind.Stimulating my mental by reading books in a diverse range of subjects, brought me closer to new insight and inspiration that was enough to get me out of bed eventually to work again. To function again. To feel a tinge of happiness again.
You never know what could catch your attention within the pages of a book. You are transported to new lands, new time zones and your mind is open to new ideas. 

You may not have the willpower to do much right now, but I promise you, you have enough will power to pick a book. You do not have to get out of bed or get off the couch. You just need a book in your hands. This is the first step. 
You do not need to read it from the beginning to the end, especially if it is non fiction. You just need to flip the pages and keep your focus on starting at any point.
I have never in my life held a book that didn't have something to gain in any page.
Do this for yourself today even though you don't feel like doing anything.
It would immediately change how you feel and even better, tomorrow you wouldn't wake up feeling like you wasted the day today. You would have gained something and you would have something to be proud of yourself for. Now, what are you going to Read? My Blog? Yes, Start Here.


  1. Did you enjoy reading this? Let me know your thoughts in comments below. What works for you? Please share so you can help many readers going through the same! Love

    1. yup, reading works for me too, when there's no power on my laptop though.
      when there's power, I mix a song, or edit a video.

  2. Thinking works for me, I allow my mind mediate through life, gets insight from simple stuff that people wouldn't even thought of. It's through thinking I got to work on myself cos one's life get modify in the process of using ones mind to think positively and constructively.


  3. Yesterday, I discovered that you write other stuffs asides rap...so I decided to check your blog today ��. It's a nice one. Welldone

  4. Nice work, from topic to content.

  5. Wow nice, am your biggest fan Eva,
    Buh you didn't follow me back on Instagram when I requested you to do so😑


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