Can't Focus on Your Goals? What I do when I cannot Focus

Jeeezz! My mind has been so cluttered for the past couple of hours, I have just watched time flutter by quickly since 9AM and I have not been able to get much done at all. What the heck!
I am writing this right now because writing is the only way I know that helps refocus my mind, exercise it and bring it some semblance of calm.
Its like a sickness up there right now. I know all the things I have to do, and by all I mean there are so many damn things to do, it is no wonder my mind is rattling as it is. 

I am just writing. Keep writing Eva. Keep going.
For one thing I accept that there are too many things I am thinking about. I need to build a certain type of structure that really helps me focus on my goals and prioritize them. But prioritizing isn't the only issue. Even when I think I have prioritized, I can't help but think about everything else that needs to get done while I am doing the first thing I said was most important.
I realize that I am able to take this writing break now and just keep writing because I said to myself, "Fuck it! Enough! I am not doing anything else now, I am just going to write."
To be honest, as I write that now, I realize that is the exact attitude we must take if we are to focus and achieve anything at all.  Get yourself to the point where you can cancel everything else for a certain duration of time to just focus on this one thing. It is important that your mind has a single goal it is working towards at a time.

I am a self confessed serial multi-tasker, and while I can't say for certain that it has been good on me, I can definitely tell you it is stressful. Now I don't know if that stress helps pump my motivation or if that makes any sense, but bring my multitasking into my mind just messes everything up.

So today, I have stared and 'unstared' at myself without doing much at all and I now know I must put all things in perspective and when I decide what is number one on my priority list, I make sure to focus all of my attention on that one thing until finish.

Another issue is bringing all of my many goals under one umbrella and connecting them all to my major goals.

Why is this important?What are all the things I need to do to achieve this?
What task is connected to what?
What is my major purpose right now and how can I align myself properly to set my sights on fulfilling and living that purpose?
What am I doing and why am I doing it?
How does what I am doing now help my major purpose in the long term.

These are all very important questions and even just writing them out has really helped clear some of the fog in my head.

I am now going to get a structure designed as minimalist as possible and I'd be back to update on my progress.
So far, yes, stopping everything else to just write out my thoughts has helped a ton. I don't feel so all over the place in my head anymore.
I look forward to how I am going to spend and make the most of the rest of my day. 

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