If You are Doing this, You are Killing Yourself | Self Perception

Perception. Your self perception matters much more than you'd ever know. How you see yourself is ultimately going to influence what you do and how you do it. It is important that you begin to think and see highly of yourself. Everything begins with your self perception. You cannot go farther than you can see yourself going and you cannot be better than you see yourself being.

For a long time in my life, I couldn't see myself as anything better than I was. I felt like a failure and true to my words, my life reflected that. I was down all the time, low on energy, unable to achieve set goals as I didn't see myself as the sort of person who could set and achieve goals, and worse I was broke to the cent! It couldn't be worse than that.I had failed so many times at achieving set goals that I even began to expect that I wouldn't cross my To-Do lists. And of course, my life reflected that.

As I began to grow and transform myself , I began to realize for a fact that everything that happened to me, happened because I subconsciously expected it and called it into being by my own self perception.
And since our self perceptions are totally up to us, wouldn't it be great to have a better perception of self? 
The Bible does say "Let the weak say 'I am strong, Let the Poor say I am rich".
Powerful isn't it?
If you constantly think of yourself as a failure, then you have failed by default of having such perception. If you see yourself as not good enough then you'd only manifest into your life situations and experiences that reinforce this limited belief about yourself.
You can be whoever and however you want to be at anytime.
Regardless of what's happened in the past, you are always going to be who you see yourself as. 
So whether this belief about yourself is construct of the past, present or your fears, it will continually run your life without fail.

Knowing this, how about you begin to think of yourself in a new, better way. See yourself as a productive, dedicated and successful person even if your present reality does not match these definitions for you yet.
Your present reality is only a reflection of who you have thought yourself to be anyways so when you begin to think of yourself differently, it is only a matter of time before that new image of yourself is realized.
Allow yourself the pleasure of daydreaming positively. It would cost you nothing but a few minutes each day to spend by yourself in silence, Visualizing and affirming a better outcome for yourself. 

What kind of person would you like to be? What kind of adjectives would best describe you if you were living your dream life? Take a minute to think on this.
If you didn't stop to think as advised, then you really are not ready to change and perhaps you are happy where you are.
But even then, there is always better. As long as you are alive and in this physical realm of existence, there is always better.
Wouldn't you want better? 

Do not let what others say define you. Do not let your present state define you. Create a new definition for yourself and watch your life shift to take on the form of that .


  1. I limit myself a lot and make a lot of excuses for why I'm doing it.... Thank you for this... keep inspiring❤❤ -nanyil-

    1. Always a pleasure to read from you Nanyil. I think that it is even incredible that we humans 'KNOW' when we are doing the bad stuff. We know, we cant deny it. It takes a lot of courage to act on what we know and in this area we have all failed at some point. When we can finally say, 'ENOUGH!! I'M IN CHARGE', That's when we truly change


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