This Simple Life Tip can Change your Whole Life! Simple Life Hacks for Achieving Goals

Today as I leaned over the sink to brush my Teeth, I noticed without effort, the unsightly stain marks that spotted the white sink. And as I continued to brush my teeth, noticing even more how dirty the sink was, I felt the churn of my belly at the thought of cleaning.
Truth be told, I didn't want to clean.
Today wasn't the first time I noticed the dirty sink.
I saw it yesterday. And the day before that.
Only, this time it had become worse that I couldn't stop myself from doing the one thing I had been avoiding: CLEAN THE DAMN SINK!
Hey don't get me wrong, I love to Clean. In fact I do have a terrible ocd. But I am also a firm believer in delegating. And for the past couple of weeks I haven't had anyone to delegate the task of cleaning to and I have had to learn how to do it myself all over again. Quite frankly I'd much rather be sitting at my desk in front of my PC doing what I really have to spend my time on. Not cleaning. And certainly not today.
But it had to be done. Not just the sink, so many other spots in my apartment.
I do have certain rules that govern my life:
-Finish the whole bottle of water when you start drinking (this helps me get 6bottles in per day)
-Write for 11minutes and no less when you sit to write anything (this helps me build a daily habit of consistent writing)
-If you have seen it dirty, you have to clean it.

And so many others like this.
But of cause number 3 held true for me this morning and so I had to clean the sink.
I didn't want to do it.
But I told myself "Just the sink" and so I picked up the wash cloth and set about the task of cleaning only the sink.
Five minutes later when I was done, I had cleaned the sink in the bathroom, the dishes in the kitchen and the fridge.
What happened? How did I clean all of these other spots after I had just told myself I'd clean only the sink?
Its the ripple effect in play.

And this is where a lot of us miss it.
If you don't do just a little, you'd end up doing nothing at all. If you do only a little, you might even do more! 
What happens is in doing just a little, we are able to fight through that part of ourselves that is holding on to the resistance but as soon as we pass through the early resistance phase we are able to do it without much effort at all.
But if you do nothing at all, just like my dirty sink getting even more dirty as the days progressed, it becomes harder the more you avoid the task at hand.

The simple tip?
Forget how you feel, do it anyway, a little at a time.
Don't cancel out entirely if you have a task to be done that you don't want to do.
Its okay to not feel like doing something especially when you know you ought to do it.
But living according to how you feel is going to get you nowhere fast. Make yourself do only a little.
What is it you have been setting aside?
I know you have built a habit of doing things just in the nick of time, so close to deadline, the adrenaline rush you feel probably even makes you feel like you are doing the work. But you are not really doing it at your optimum.
Why wait till you are out of time and then rush when you can do it now a little at a time till finish? Imagine all the things you could accomplish if you only applied just a little effort.


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