Do You Want a Better Life? TRY THIS!

by - 7/03/2017

You can have whatever you can imagine and visualize without doubt.
Let me repeat that, you can have whatever you can imagine and visualize. But for that to happen you have to be imagining and visualizing without any doubt in your mind of the possibility of your imagined state.
This simple exercise would help you imagine without doubt.
If you can complete this short, simple and very quick exercise, you can imagine a new life for yourself and if you can imagine a new life for yourself, you can have a new life. The reason for this exercise is to help you see it. Because if you can see it now, it can happen.
Are you ready to see it?

Let's begin.

1. Write down on a single sheet of paper 11 things you see yourself doing - whether that be places you want to go, people you want to meet, lifestyle you want to live, partner you would love to love, businesses you would like to build, people you'd like to help, even food you'd like to eat etc.

That's all!

Now these are the very simple rules for this exercise to have any sort of effect in your life. If you really want to have a Better life, you would follow these very simple rules happily.

Rule #1: Have a mirror in front of you and Smile the entire time you are writing your list.
Rule #2. Look at yourself in the mirror and smile at yourself as you imagine each point happening after you have written it down

Now watch your life change like Magic. For this to work for you, you should be aware that things would begin to happen needing your attention, or little action. Follow where life leads. Don't ask too many questions just go with the flow.

All the best!
Note: the purpose of this exercise is to help you Imagine your desired outcomes effectively. Your list should be reviewed and meditated on daily.

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  1. Sometimes when I read your posts, I feel like crying, I love the way you make everything look less complicated and I won't stop reading you ❤❤


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