Thinking of Quitting? Before You Give Up, Read this!

"Sometimes, Life places these roadblocks on             our paths just to test and see if we are truly   serious about our quest."

Driving to the studio yesterday, I came upon my prefered route and found it hogged with traffic. It was a standstill. I was upset, as there were fuel stations on this route and I had planned to refuel my tank.
Immediately following the driver in front of me, I made a quick turn around and took another route, deciding to use the bank while I was at it. When I was done at the bank, I drove by a street that brought me side by side with my initial prefered route which had been a traffic  standstill only 10 minutes before.

I was shocked to see it hadn't been traffic at all, but instead just a long line of parked cars on the side of the road. This had caused a slow moving lane which quickly dissipated into free way just after the beginning of the street where I had earlier made a Uturn in frustration.
Of course from where I had been earlier, at the beginning of the street, there was no way to have known it wasn't clogged with unmoving traffic.
All I had seen were several cars in a long file and I had followed the driver in front of me, making a U-turn trying to avoid what wasn't a standstill traffic at all.

This is how life can be sometimes.

From where you are now, seeing the obstacles ahead of you, there is no way to know what is beyond those obstacles. It may look like a dead end right now and you have probably already come up with a hundred reasons why you need to make a turn around, change course and quit right this minute, but the truth is you are only looking a few yards to freeway!

What about what is beyond these obstacles you currently face? Have you stopped to imagine that it gets better when you cross to the other side?
Sometimes, Life places these roadblocks on our paths just to test and see if we are truly serious about our quest. It is all a testing of your Faith. You may not be able to see how clear and easy and free it could become beyond this stump of a place you are in, but what if you could?
No matter what path you take on, there would always be challenges. You just have to be patient enough to wade through it should you ever enjoy the fruits of Success.
What's even more important to note is that you are transformed by the testing of your Faith and each Challenge grows you.
You become a better person the more challenges you take on and you Grow! You expand! You have a store of experiences you would have learned from and you become even more trusting of yourself for future challenges.
Do not judge the entire Journey by the few yards in front of you. With every inch forward the path becomes Clearer. But, you must be willing to Keep Moving! 

So, before you Quit, try again. This time, with more patience, and allow yourself the pleasure of Imagining a better future ahead.


  1. Nice piece. Inspiring.

  2. Aww this is soo nice❤❤... I've missed you and your writing!!! I've not been able to watch your instagram videos cause of my exams... What's up with the book you're writing?


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