7:28AM #11Minutes.

I am sitting reclined in a chair facing the huge open windows of my Hotel room in Accra.
It was a late check in last night and I all but crashed into bed, hungry, tired, and naked.
When I woke up this morning, it was 5AM in Accra, 6AM in Lagos and it was my Birthday! I opened my eyes and said 'Yay' then drifted back into sleep. It was a quickie and I was soon up again at 5:30AM.
Now sitting here, listening to the birds and staring at the beautiful morning sky, I ponder on the word FOCUS and solemnly observe my regular distractions.

The world has changed.
There are more things to Distract us than Engage us meaningfully.
Now more than ever, we are at risk of losing the most valuable resource we have, TIME.
Unfortunately, we ourselves are responsible for dissipating and wasting it away on things, people, jobs and habits that do not serve us truly.

It is easy to settle into the comfortable, the mundane, the familiar way of doing things, and to think that is all we can do.
It is easy to make ourselves believe that we are doing something with our time, when infact we are really just distracted doing 'Busy Work'. But For us to grow, we must stretch, and to stretch, we must dedicate enough Time to things that are not comfortable, to things that make us max our self imposed limitations.
WHAT YOU FOCUS ON GROWS! And if you focus on the things that stretch you and help you grow, then naturally you are bound for unlimited growth.
It is important to notice and admit that we have settled too deeply in our comfort zones and our many distractions.

We hardly give enough time to the doing of more, better, harder. We have become almost monotonous, doing the same things in the same way, repeating that and getting used to our lacklustre results.

What if we made a little shift?
What if we decided to do just a little more at a TIME and to focus on Stretching instead of Relaxing?
To Focus on the things that change us truly instead of the things that Entertain, Excite and leave us with the fleeting feeling of Satisfaction?

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