On the Issue of Consistency and Habits (11Minutes)


If You do not have or do something for a long time, you lose taste for it. This happens with everything, whether they be food, people, habits. When you have stopped engaging in the use or the enjoyment of anything or experience and you can let yourself go off of it for a while, you begin to not only lose interest in it, you also no longer enjoy it like you used to.
I'm mostly thinking ohere on especially the bad habits.
On the opposite spectrum of this, if you engage in something consistently over a period of time, you become attached to that behavior, or person or thing and you begin to almost feel like you cannot do without it.
In both cases we are looking at the science of the formation of Habits at play.
As human beings we are creatures of habit. We are wired to be habitual, no matter whether the object of our dedication is good or bad for us.
Every repetition you make of anything becomes and extra hard wiring in your brain for that action or thing.
So its pretty simple when you apply this to your everyday life.
If you would like to make yourself love doing something, all you have to do is engage in as many repetitions as possible. If you would like to lose interest in anything, all you have to do is take your mind off it and stay away from it as best as you can.
So what would you like to make a part of your life? Are you willing to repeat it everyday, a little at a time? 
For instance if you would like to become a more dedicated reader, would you pick a book and decide to read it for 20mins everyday for several weeks? (This concept can be applied to anything)
Understanding that it is not about how long in one sitting you can engage in something, but how consistently and how many times you can do it over and over.
In building a new habit and becoming consistent at anything, its the repetition that counts.
Start. Do. Succeed. Repeat.


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