What Do You want? It is Not Really Money

by - 8/14/2017


Hi Franie.

"Hi friend. You feel okay?"

No Franie.


I have no idea.

"Well you must know why you feel the way you do. Can you think on this?"

I am not sure that I can.

"Okay friend. I am going to ask you some questions and I need you to answer them as truthfully as you can, okay?"

Yes Franie.

"If you had more money than you do now would you feel better?"

Yes certainly.

"And why would that be?"

Well if I had more money I can feel more in control of my life, go where I want, do what I want.

"You don't feel like you are in control right now?"

No I don't.

"Are you feeling stressed?"

Yes I think I am Franie. I don't feel happy.

"Is more money going to make you happy?"

I don't believe that the money would make me happy per se, but it definitely can aleviate some of the tension that not having money has thrust upon me.

"Okay friend, so tell me, if you had more money right now, and you weren't feeling the tension you speak of,  what would you be doing at the moment?"

I'm thinking.

"Yes I can see that. Go on, think about it."

I'd need more time to think on this.

"I'm sure you do, and that's quite alright. So far, you have spoken of feelings.
And I need you to know that feelings are just that, feelings. You have to be vibrating in a certain energy to feel different types of emotions. If you can understand that all is energy and you have the power to create the right energy within you at every point in time, then life suddenly becomes refreshingly different.
Do you understand this?"

Yes I think I follow Franie.

"Good. Now For instance, why don't you create a feeling of control in your energy instead of waiting to see the physical manifestation of Money first? I mean if you think the Money would help you feel more in control.
Understand that When Money comes to you, it isn't just the physical paper cash that comes, there is also the energetic part of Money that comes with it, unseen. This is the new energy that is added to yours at the time of your receiving the money, and this new energy increases the energy you already possess.
This is why you suddenly feel so good when you have more money, you simply just have more energy. And if you are the sort of person who has no idea how to maintain, manage and maximise energy, then you are only going to lose it all again quickly.
So when you think about this your real job now is to Maintain and manage the current energy you already possess, whether it is still only in your energetic vibrational field or whether it has materialized in it's physical component which is the cash paper money you see.
This makes sense yes?"

Yes it does Franie

Now I asked, if you had this money you speak of, what would you do? It has taken you a while to think about it. Perhaps this is where your true work lies.
Your main job now is deciding what you'd spend your time doing that would fulfil you, should you have all the money you need.
Spend the rest of the day considering this and try to see yourself in that reality, where you have all the money you could need and you are working at a dream, with passion, energy and enthusiasm.
We would speak on this again in the coming days.
But for now, remember what I said. Feelings are just feelings. You can transform your energy and make yourself feel a different feeling. How would it feel like if you had all you needed now?
Would you be smiling? Well smile now?
Would you be planning the course of action for a goal that is dear to your heart? Well plan now.
Would you be making a phone call to someone to collaborate with you on a project? Well call them now.

If you only function by how you feel, your feelings will take control of you and soon you would find yourself dependent on these transcient emotions.
You are in control at all times until you say you aren't.
So go, pretend and believe that you have all you need and go figure out the next step. What do you want? It's really not Money. It is that something you have to have even after you've got the Money. Go figure this Out.  3:42PM

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  1. Thank you for reading!! Looking forward to reading from you. Please leave comments beloelow so i can connect with you! Love

  2. I love this. This sounds like d principle that applies when to faith. Getting around to doing what u need to do whether cash is present or not. We walk by faith, not by sensory perceptions. Something like that.

    1. Yes exactly! I love how you put it, "not by sensory perceptions".
      Thank you for Reading!


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