A few Random Thoughts: Procrastination, Practice

I was supposed to get on my phone at 9:00 to begin to write. Why didn’t I do that with a sense of urgency? Why did I delay a whole hour to get here?
Why didn’t ...
Too many questions. I am here now at 10AM and I will write and write until 12:00PM

If you work from a place of pressure, even you yourself can feel the pressure. It would hurt to work and it would most certainly feel like work to work.
If you feel like you ‘have to do something’ , you most likely would not want to do it. 
But if you simply just be, and in your being, do, whatever comes to you with ease. Because it comes to you with ease however doesn’t mean it would be easy for you to do. Plus you are going to have to do it so many thousand times over and over and over.
Again, in a very contradicting way, it would be easy for you, you are just going to have to keep on doing it.

If you weren’t getting paid for it would you still do it?
So why are you still doing it?

Q. If you weren’t getting paid for it would you still do it?
A. Yes
Q. So why are you not doing it?

Make your Practice Deliberate and focused on a goal or objective. Why are you practicing? What do you hope to achieve at the end of your practice.
I really love how people in medicine say ‘I practice medicine.’ Practice

The reason you are so confused about what to do is you haven’t focused your attention on something for long enough that it becomes you and you become it.

Have a sense of urgency about everything but do not rush through what you are doing just to finish. Make every step count toward a complete work of excellence


  1. Eva I believe that am useless, I can't think or even make decisions on my own i don't even know who i am anymore I just go with the flow of life, dunno if you'll even see this comment or understand how am feeling but if you do help me

  2. Oh dear. I am really sorry about how you feel. Ive felt that way before dear so I understand.
    From what I think dear, take things a step at a time. You must take that one step. Nothing would happen or change if you keep doing things the same or thinking the same way. Start by making a decision for yourself dear. Think of what makes you feel useless. Does it really have that much power over you? Can something of such make you lose your purpose in life to the extent you feel useless? Dear, Decide you no longer want to be or feel useless first of all. Make up your mind. The mind is one powerful system. Its like a computer, what you put in it is what comes out. There is nothing wrong with going with the flow of life dear. But don't let it carry you away from your life's purpose. Enjoy life but make sure things you are enjoying is aligned with your goal and purpose in life. You don't know the purpose? Find it dear. No one was born or made to be a failure or to be useless. God never said "hey you, occupy the useless position; you occupy the successful and reasonable position". NO!!! He made us all to be great, amazing, unique in our various ways.
    You not knowing who you are isn't a bad thing dearest. Few weeks ago I felt such way. Its not like I am 100% sure of who I am now though. But I am definitely better, mindset-wise than the person I was few weeks ago. I knew how I wanted people to see me in the next 4 to 5 years (future); as a great, influencial and successful person. But I can't automatically end up there. So it might seem so slow. But I'm taking it a step at a time. Being the BEST wherever I find myself or whatever I find myself doing. No one might be watching but I still do things right. i get tired and sloppy sometimes but that's ok, I'm human. No one's perfect. It might take time dear. But start. START now. Make that first decision to different, better, to think for yourself. If the people you are surrounded wiwith dont make things better , surround yourself with better people my dear. Friends come and go yeah? But the true ones stay. By true ones I mean those who want the best for you not those who are there to drag you down or aren't making any impact or are just making you maintain your level when you could be better. My uncle always told me, life's like a pyramid, the higher you go, the lesser friends you have. There is a lot to say and I'm sure Eva has a lot to add.
    One last thing dear, your thinking matters a lot. Become what you believe. Stop believing you are useless, because I can swear on anything you ain't. Your mind is powerful. Believe something better about yourself dear. Believe it, even before you see it. Say and ACT positively and victoriously and like a great person you are.
    I really do hope I help .......
    See you at the top dearest.


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