A New Way of Life: PUT GOD FIRST

This is going to be a very sincere post, as with all of my posts, but probably my most earnest.
I want you to read this with an open mind that is ready to take in new helpful information and I hope when you are done reading you can come to actionable conclusions that can help you immediately as you begin to apply them.
Now straight to the story.
For the longest time, I have written To Do lists and Goals and Resolutions and plans, again and again. Sometimes this happens in the spur of the moment, sometimes it happens because it is the 1st day of a new month and I am feeling all brand new and refreshed like most people. (Hey, I know you are guilty of this)
But just recently, I began yet another fresh walk with God and I called myself out on a bunch of things I had done that my Spirit didn’t align with. One of them of course was my constant starts and stops of projects that I single handedly jumped into and did not commit to God.
I realized without a doubt that most of these projects never saw the light of day and the ones that did were filled with stress and were not successful as envisioned.
I knew where I had gone wrong. 
I was consistently setting Goals without bringing the God presence in from the start.
I felt a deep conviction in my spirit and I saw how I had been trying to do it on my own, depending on my own strength in the past.

I decided I wasn’t going to start anything without starting with God. And so I picked up a new project, began to map out the plans and ideas I had on a single sheet of paper and every morning for the Past 3 Days I have woken up, picked up that paper and prayed to God about my plans and Ideas.
Today, just three days in, I have a major Breakthrough!
This is the major part of my project that makes everything else work and it was provide seemingly out of chance on a platter.
But I know better, there are no coincidences in God’s work. I knew it was God Moving in my favor.
And I tell you with joy, when God moves in for you, things you want are literally dropped in your laps, prepared and ready for you.
I am so excited!

I’m so sorry I cannot share all of the information in detail as this is something that is still in the works but if you follow my posts closely I promise to link back to this post with an update when we have successfully brought this project to completion.

This is what I have learned through this process and I’d lay it out for you in 5 simple points:

  1. Put God First: Start with God. Start Your Day with God, Start your family with God, Start your project with God. It doesn’t matter what you are getting yourself into, Start everything with God.
  2. Meditate on it and Pray about it daily: this is a very important one as it keeps you in the place of continuity, of achieving, it fires up your faith in the project or plan and it gives you hope for success. This also includes all your forms of visualization of the Success you expect.
  3. Expect to receive signs and revelations of the manifestation of your success: Keep alert and watch out for when things are unfolding. Don’t expect that things would happen exactly as you want however as a lot of Times the results we want come disguised as work and if you do not keep your Heart open, you may miss the miracle standing right in front of you.
  4. Continually Give Thanks for the Success that is to come even before it comes. This helps strengthen your faith and the stronger your faith is the better you can feel and the more positive your vibration would be towards attracting that which you desire.
  5. Start where you are with what you have: Make all the moves you can make. Ensure that you exhaust all of your moves. There is always something you can do to kickstart the process. A phone call? A text? A lot of us Sabotage our success because we want to start big! We complain about not having capital even before we have made calls or visited with prospects. Don’t sit and fold your hands doing nothing under the excuse of not having the big stuff. God moves when you work the small stuff.

I look forward to posting an update in the coming weeks and sharing with you all of the details I have been unable to share now but so far, I hope this has sparked something for you and hopefully you are spurred to action in an area of your life that you have been wanting to take on.


  1. Eva. .i love your blog.... I don't have any drive for any thing.... No motivation, nothing... I feel lost... Help

    1. This happens and I can assure you I have been there several times in my life. I understand it is a good time to know nothing about where you are going, as the nothingness means the void can be filled with something. Whatever you do, don't stay Idle. Make sure that in whatever situation you find yourself you can search out the thing that has been placed for you to do and to do it completely. I am learning that There is always something for us whereever we find ourselves. Life never leaves us completely helpless. Theres always a way.


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