How To Succeed in Life: FOCUS on What 'IS', not What 'ISN'T'

Last night I stayed up watching Steven Furtick Sermons on Youtube. In one particular sermon titled “Fix Your Focus”
He spoke about Focus, especially as it relates to Intimate Relationships, as well as everything else beyond relationships.
And you may have already heard this before “What You Focus on You magnify, or What You Focus on Grows.” - but hearing these words again was brand new for me.
I saw it and understood it in a really beautiful new light.
It doesn’t matter what you focus on, it would grow!
Isn’t that wonderful to know?
Your Focus and attention do not care what you are focusing on, it only knows to magnify that. Because you are giving your life energy to what holds your attention, it receives life from you and expands.
This leads me to my point today: We have become accustomed to the habitual patterns of fixating our thoughts and our minds on what isn’t.
‘I don’t have Money’
‘I don’t have my rent ready’
‘I don’t have a Boyfriend’
‘There is no...
‘I can’t do....

We become completely blinded by our focus on what isn’t that we fail to see what is. And going by the simple truth that what we Focus on We magnify, imagine why we keep on seeing and observing more of what we do not want in our lives.
If I know nothing about Iife by now, I know this: No matter where you are in Life, you always have something that is worthy of gratitude.
The problem is we have spent so long focusing on what we don’t have that we fail to see what we do have.
We focus so much on who we aren’t in comparison to others that we fail to see the magnificence that we are.
We focus so much on what is not working in our lives that we fail to see what is working and ultimately fail to give it more attention so it can work some more.

The more you think and focus on what isn’t, the more you observe more of what isn’t . But when you begin to observe the positive of What Is, then more of that positivity would become available to you.

Take this quote from the Bible “To him who has, more would be given, to him who has not, even that which he has would be taken away..”
Please permit me to shed light on this verse in a brand new way for you.
“To him who focuses on what he has, more would be given, to him who focuses on what he has not, even that which he has would be taken away..”

Does this make new sense to you?
You always Have! There is never a time when you do not have.
We must stop the negative habit of saying we do not have - and begin to see what we do have.
When you focus on not having, you keep on not having.
When you focus on not being happy, you remain unhappy.
When you focus on your failures, you experience more failures.

A simple exercise to do right away to begin a shift in your consciousness is to write down things you have now that you are grateful for, things you have that are working and things about you that make you unique.
Writing, not just thinking it over, is very important as this helps initiate a deeper conversation of positivity in your consciousness.
Read your list over and over several times through the week.
We have spent a long time drilling in a habit of the mind that keeps us stuck in Lack, Failure, Disappointment, so know that to restructure and change this mindset would take a commitment from you towards change.
You cannot just do this once.
It has to become a new way of living for us, to observe and focus only on what is at all times, and give no attention to what isn’t.

Okay now, it’s time to write. Please do not just read this post and skip the exercise. Action is the prerequisite of Change. If you are serious about making some changes in your life and your focus, it is important that you begin to take the small steps towards making a shift in your focus.

So please do this for you, make a list on paper of the things you have that you are grateful for. Aim to reach at least 10. When I did this I was able to write 15 things. Of course there is more if we keep searching for it. Just write as many as you can and watch how the things you have begin to magnify!


  1. I swear, Eva this post is 100% inspiring, motivating.. Thanks for writing this.

    1. Thank you so much for Reading! I am glad it helped


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