I Have Made a Lot of Mistakes, But that's my Pot of GOLD - #TheTruthOnTuesday Eva Alordiah

The Truth on Tuesday for this Week is greatly Inspired by my most recent Transition in Life. I have gone through so many phases as a continually and consciously evolving being, but the most important Transition for me is currently happening!

You may have noticed that I changed my Handle on Instagram from @ievaalordiah (which someone else has quickly take up - why do people do that??) to @finally.eva  .
And the Reason is Simply because of how I currently feel about my Life and myself right now!
I am no where close to where I want to be in terms of how I feel and who I am currently vibrating as, but I feel like I know Now Who I really am!! Weird eh?

If You have been following me for a while and have been a very observant fan, you sure could tell all of the months when I was out of sorts. It was almost like I had no clue who I was. I had completely blanked out for a long time! It was a crazy place to be. But I look back on it and I can tell you sincerely, I am more than Grateful for al of the pain, all the hurt and the Depression.
I hope you enjoy #TheTruthOnTuesday! Please leave comments below and share how you are feeling, which lines resonate the most for you and whatever else you want to share with the world!

Feel free! It is nothing but Love over here on this side of the Internet!

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I'm daily levitating to new heights of Intelligence
and you witness the evidence in every sentence
I have been sentenced to a life of compulsive thinking
Daily thinking about things that nudge at my essense
taking life's lessons While its fucking with my senses
But I'm greatly thankful for mistakes
Ve made a lot of those
And thats my pot of gold Id never trade experience
for what ve been told I get down sometimes but i
 never fold I remain straight like i couldn't
 have creases Picking up the pieces from my
 past and piecing me back like a seamstress
 Im spending time on my interests and
watching the interests grow a hundred percent
I think ve been sent For something bigger than self
And thats my daily motivation
I used to be naive and impatient
Driven by my ambitions
 Needing life to happen faster than my internal evolution
Ve learned that life would only be as wild and free
as i can feel inside
And to be alive is the greatest gift
 Everything else is just an extra cherry pie
The proliferation of a lack of vision
in the minds of my people Is the reason that i keep my mouth open
And im gon keep speaking until you listen
They say the message is never comprehended by the mind
until the listener is ready
But ready or not here I come Giving you this food for thought
This is my special spaghetti
Ve spent years steady understanding the message
And now im ready Finally Eva Here to serve and be a leader


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