Today I woke up head first from a dream I had been really deep in, something random about dogs. You know I have a thing for dogs so that's certainly no surprise. However, I felt drudgey. I got up lazily from the bed, said a quick prayer to fulfill all righteousness and proceeded to start my day.
Only, I had already made the first mistake the night before, which was going to bed without planning the next day. So as you can tell, my mind this morning was in all the wrong places and no place at all.
I had no clue where to begin.
Then I remembered I had some laundry to take care of and began to sift through the pile of clothes in the basket. Holy molly sikes! Imagine starting your day with laundry!!! Not productive, not productive at all. So I said 'fuck this' and walked back into my room.
Naturally I picked up my phone for a quick fix of Social Dopamine, and THIS WAS ULTIMATELY WHERE I BEGAN TO HAVE A FAILED DAY!

You may have read this several times, or even heard people say it,
It just seems like this habit that has woven itself in over time and no matter how hard you try one day you slip up and find yourself reaching for the phone at the start of your day. That's a straight road to a failed start.

So of course I got myself into the loop as I picked up the phone, responding to mails, responding to texts, scrolling through my Instagram, responding to DMS, ultimately losing time on things that did not matter in the grand scheme of my being.

And as if to confirm my early morning failure, I did the one thing I always do each day which is listen to a powerful speech or insightful interviews, and this one on Youtube with Jim Kwik was all I needed  to go start my day again.
Jim Kwik reaffirmed the notion that we are selling ourselves short by reaching for the phone first thing in the day as this ultimately zaps our power and keeps us in a constant reactionary loop.

That hit me hard!
I mean I already knew I was doing the wrong thing by burrowing in  my phone.
So how should you start your day for Success?
Well here's what I did right after watching that interview, In fact I didn't even need to finish the whole clip. I paused the video and went straight back to bed. The plan? Wake up a second time today!
Sounds silly I know but mentally, I was saying to myself, "I have to restart my day."

So I lay in bed, flat back, smiled as though I had just woken up, and said a thank you prayer.
Then I got up and said a more meaningful prayer than I had done earlier when I woke the first time.

Then I reached for the Paper on which I had written my most important goals and read over them quickly, visualizing each one.
Next I induced myself in a deep, relaxing Meditation.
I must tell you, my meditation today was on a different level! I do believe this was partly cause I consciously Intended to Meditate. I felt a surge of positive energy flow through me from head to toe. With each inhaled breath I imagined the words "I am now taking in powerful positive energy" and with each exhaled breath "I am now releasing all negative energy".
And slowly I fell in a deep meditative state.

Then I visualized the steps I needed to take for the day in achieving my most important short term and mid term goals, and the things I needed to achieve at the end of the day.

One of those things is writing in my blog daily which is what you are reading now. I can tell you sincerely, as I write this, I feel very powerful, very energized, knowing I am living in line with my purpose and my vision, doing exactly what I said I would do.

When I am done with this post, I know exactly what to do next, and that drudgey, tired, helpless feeling that I felt the first time I woke up today is gone.
I feel refreshed, renewed. Ready!

And when I hit PUBLISH on this post, it would be a great start to my day indeed!
This is of course is a much better high than the social satisfaction the phone would have afforded me because with this, I have written something meaningly which hopefully has helped you as that is always the intention when I write, and I have also scored the day as one of my goals is writing daily in this blog.

1. Pray, Meditate, Listen / Read words of Wisdom
2. Visualize and Meditate on my Goals, Ideas, Plans
3. Drink a Glass of Water.
4. Write for 45 mins
5. Do a 20 Minute Workout (This one i am fighting through and I'd keep you updated on how I am getting back to my fit lifestyle)

Thank you for reading and i hope this has helped you. Please leave comments below and share with us what your morning routine for success is like? How do you start your day? What is the one thing you ultimately have to do everyday for success?


  1. I have bookmarked this page. I'm surely revisiting this, then transfer to my commonplace book. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Nice, but This cannot be Eva, Who is on the photo. I need your Number Eva. Am more attracted to your post and I feel like calling. Here is mine call or text. Love you.


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