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9:10AM :
I begin.  Not knowing how it is going to go but I begin anyways.  Like I have done now,  writing,  just writing, knowing she would speak to me when I am already in the flow,  writing,  just writing. I am not waiting for inspiration to strike me with an idea, I know that the thing I must speak now would come to me as I write.  On average I have to keep on writing for at least 11 minutes, at that point my head usually would have let go off the blocks and chatter and mind would be more receptive of the information that is most important for me to write. 
This way I do not worry for what to write,  I know it is there and my only job is to keep on scribbling away till I get to it.
I call this mind-dumping. 
It is a process by which you get rid of unnecessary ideas and blockages and free your mind of clutter. 
This is what I am doing now. 
I want to write a book.  I have not thought about what the book is about and I am probably not going to until I write the first line. I know want to write both fiction and non fiction titles so the only decision I have made so far is to write another fiction.
So I know that I am writing fiction for the next couple of months. 
I do have an idea of what my non fiction title would be about and I already know I am going to be doing a lot of research and reading for it. 
I have decided that while I do that,  I would be writing my next fiction title. 
I intend to write everyday for two hours. 30minutes of blogging and 1hr30 minutes of writing in my new novel. 
I am quite positive that I can keep this up and I'd like to be back in a month's time to share stories of my success. 
I understand that I am a creature of habit. And I can program myself to actively engage in a task seemingly on autopilot if I can hardwire it in my brain by doing it everyday and make it a habit. 
Good Habits are just as difficult to create as bad habits are difficult to break. 
Understanding that doing something over and over again in the same way is how to build a habit,  the only thing to do is to set a schedule for when this activity would be carried out. 

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For instance, Writing for me must happen everyday at 9AM. 
Hence everything else has to come after that. The time at 9AM is my cue to write and I must sit to write or write wherever I find myself at 9AM. 
I am also currently building a habit of working out every single day. 
I know I must begin my workout at 6AM every morning and this in turn means that I must wake up at least at 5AM. 
To wake up at 5AM means I must be fast asleep by 11PM the night before which in turn means I hit the sack at 10:30PM.
If I fail to go to bed at the set time I ultimately fail to hit the gym at the set time. 
And because building my body is now a major goal and priority for me,  I have no excuses. 
I have to workout. 
I have come to understand that to set our minds to do something is not enough. Stating what time it gets done a d sticking to the schedule is what counts. 
Timelines are so very important. 

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When we set goals without saying when we hope to achieve them and setting proper timelines along with the goals,  we create room for failure and keep ourselves open to whatever. 
You cannot afford to say things like "Oh I'd just do it tomorrow" - this is how procrastination begins to breed and ultimately we fail. 9:31AM
I am writing now,  about something important,  I have an idea what I am talking about now and I have been flowing with it.
But when I began to write at 9:13 I had no clue. 
This is what I am trying to tell you.  The inspiration happens in the flow.

9:32AM  (Got on the Idea after 18+ minutes of writing free flowing)

We live in a time bound universe.  The crux of life itself is not bound by time. 
Consciousness knows no time. It is not bound by attributes and characteristics. 
But we are,  because we live in this time space reality. 
Your life is measured not just by how long you live but also how well you lived. And this cannot be said simply without saying what you did in the time you lived.

If you could begin to time everything,  how long you surf the internet per day,  how long it takes you to shower, how many hours per day you spend doing chores,  how many hours you spend reading,  how many hours you spend working actively,  you might begin to get a grasp on where your time is going and how you can better invest your time. 
If there is something you really want to achieve in your life, the best way to know if and how you are making progress is by checking in to see how much time you are spending on it every single day. 
In my life for instance,  I have made Exercise,  Writing and Music priority. I have decided that I would not end any day without giving 2 hours to writing,  2 hours in the gym and 3 hours actively creating music. 

Think about it,  asides the 8 hours you might spend sleeping,  you still get 18 hours!  That's a lot of time to dedicate to other things,  Work,  Family,  Spirituality, Service, Recreation,  Hobbies or even learning something new. 
Would you like to take an inventory of how much of your time is speng swiping away online and on social media,  watching TV,  reading careless blogs, chatting in idle conversation, albeit on things and activities that do nothing for your overall growth and well-being. 
Imagine how much more intentional and deliberate your life would be,  if you mapped out exactly where your time would go through the day,  through the week and you actually commit to investing an allotted amount of time to activities and tasks that would improve your life and skill set. 

Decide that you are going to become intentional about your life. "This is what is deserving of my time,  my life, and this is how much time I am going to give to it everyday. "
Can you try this for a month?  See how your life changes. 
Write it out clearly,  what area of your life you want improvement in and how much time each day you'd give for it. 
Time is the currency you spend when you want Change. Do you really want to see changes?  How much time do you have to spend each day in the areas you seek change in? 
Make the commitment, Get to work.

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  1. I think its high time i did this. Challenge accepted.. Thanks Eva.


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