Why Time, Timing and Setting Timelines is Important - Simple Time Management Hack

We live in a time bound universe.  The crux of life itself is not bound by time. 
Consciousness knows no time. It is not bound by attributes and characteristics. 
But we are,  because we live in this time space reality. 
Your life is measured not just by how long you live but also how well you lived. And this cannot be said simply without saying what you did in the time you lived.

If you could begin to time everything,  how long you surf the internet per day,  how long it takes you to shower, how many hours per day you spend doing chores,  how many hours you spend reading,  how many hours you spend working actively,  you might begin to get a grasp on where your time is going and how you can better invest your time. 
If there is something you really want to achieve in your life, the best way to know if and how you are making progress is by checking in to see how much time you are spending on it every single day. 
In my life for instance,  I have made Exercise,  Writing and Music priority. I have decided that I would not end any day without giving 2 hours to writing,  2 hours in the gym and 3 hours actively creating music. This I am working on and with time I would see how well I am doing. So far I know I have been giving time to Writing and my Music but not so much to exercise and I am working on it.

Think about it,  asides the 8 hours you might spend sleeping,  you still get 18 hours!  That's a lot of time to dedicate to other things,  Work,  Family,  Spirituality, Service, Recreation,  Hobbies or even learning something new. 
Would you like to take an inventory of how much of your time is speng swiping away online and on social media,  watching TV,  reading careless blogs, chatting in idle conversation, albeit on things and activities that do nothing for your overall growth and well-being. 
Imagine how much more intentional and deliberate your life would be,  if you mapped out exactly where your time would go through the day,  through the week and you actually commit to investing an allotted amount of time to activities and tasks that would improve your life and skill set. 

Decide that you are going to become intentional about your life. "This is what is deserving of my time,  my life, and this is how much time I am going to give to it everyday. "
Can you try this for a month?  See how your life changes. 
Write it out clearly,  what area of your life you want improvement in and how much time each day you'd give for it. 
Time is the currency you spend when you want Change. Do you really want to see changes?  How much time do you have to spend each day in the areas you seek change in? 
This is a simple Time Management hack that tI hope would work for you. Do share your thoughts in comments!

Make the commitment, Get to work.


  1. Thanks to Eva, really love this post.

  2. I Can't just forget this from your post on IG about 3/2years ago that "Time management is life management. Those who make worst use of their time are most complain of its brevity " Much love Eva

    1. Thank you so much for reading! I appreciate your time

  3. Smile! Inspiring and aspiring quote Eva.
    U gat me thinking how far i have come.


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