BLUE BALLS - Short Stories | R16

an excerpt from the new novel "How I ended my Monday? ALONE, AGAIN"

"Fuck me." His voice was calm but determined, his eyes searching lustfully through her in the darkness. 
"How?" she asked,  enjoying the sudden shift of roles the atmosphere had taken on. 
Earlier he had been kissing her hungrily,  biting into her exposed flesh,  sucking on her young firm breasts and groaning like a wild animal. 
Now he just lay there,  intrepid,  unmoving,  asking her to fuck him. 
"Anyhow you like," he responded. He had one hand on her arm now,  stroking the tiny sightless hairs with a slow moving finger and electrifying her with energy. 
He had a way with her that she had not travelled on before with any of the men who now appeared like a blurry image in her past. 
No one had made her feel like that. 
Touched her like that. 
She somehow shrunk in size when she was with him and she feared that he noticed. 
Moving over to where he lay,  she pushed him so he lost the balance from his elbow and now lay flat chested on the bed. 
The dark room was lit by two little candles which burned slowly in their glass jars atop a table beside the bed. The light from the candles cast a saturated glow on his handsome face which she looked from now to admire his body. Rid of clothes, hard twitching muscles rippling the flesh of his arms,  his buttocks taut. 
She stroked it, then squeezed until he moaned in selfish delight. 
"Fuck me.." he said again,  this time there was a faint plea in his tone and it brought satisfaction to her ears. 
"Say please." 
"Please," he pleaded,  "Please fuck me."
She smiled. A smile only she knew about as he still had his back to her,  his chest on the bed. 
Without hesitation she lumbered over his long outstretched body, so that her body was flat on his now,  breasts to his back, limbs encircling limbs. 
Then she began to rock her pelvis against his buttocks, moving slowly,  then quickly,  then slowly again, like she was moving to a rhythm only she could hear.
His moaning had become a little louder now, as he rocked back against her. 
"Like this?" she leaned in to whisper the question in his ear, brushing her lips dryly on the lobe before taking it in her mouth,  nibbling,  biting, killing him with pleasure.  "You want me to fuck you like this?"
"Yes,  yes."
He was cowering under her. Moments ago he seemed to her the all male and masculine,  dominating her with his presence. Now he was just a boy,  pleading for the love onl she could give him on this Thursday night which was quickly becoming Friday. 
"Are you really going to leave tomorrow without seeing me?" Was the question he had asked her on the phone only three hours before when she called him to tell of her departure. 
"I don't know Emeka, I mean it's late." She said.
"Late?  That's not a good enough excuse to keep your sexy self away from me." He had a way with words that melted the rocks of pain that had wedged themselves in her heart since her breakup from Malik.
What was it now? Seven months?  Seven months apart and she still felt like she was doing something wrong whenever another man came into the frame that now held a too-gloomy picture of her life. 
Why did it feel wrong to be with someone else?  Malik could be anywhere with some other girl for all she knew anyways. Why did it matter what she did with anyone else? 
What has Malik got to do with this? 
"Are you there? Hello?" The smooth,  breezy timbre of his voice was like music to her ears. 
"You are not saying anything Yeesha,  I want to see you. I mean I'd love to see you if you want to see me,  which I hope you do."
"Emeka it's really late,  like it's almost 10P.M and you know I hate to drive at night."
"Who says anything about you driving babe,  I'd come pick you up."
The familiar phrase. 'I'd come pick you up.'
The last time he had said that,  they'd ended up in his bed,  on the floor,  on his sofa,  sweating,  panting,  eating eachother to lustful exhaustion. 
Now three days later and he was saying it again.
For her it was as though someone somewhere was replaying an old tape and ordering her life to it. 
But this Thursday night had not been like Monday. 
And as she knelt over him now,  his buttocks rocking back and forth against her pelvis and  soaking up her waters as they poured forth from inside her,  she knew.
She knew this was all they had...
to be cont. (Make Sure to Check back on the Blog for updates)

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