Are You Doing Too Many things And Can't Focus? 5 Simple Techniques to Ease Overwhelm

People often say "Jack of all Trades, Master Of None" and while you may want to dispute that, it most times proves to be true.
There are a lot of people just like me, I am willing to bet, who do or are interested in many pursuits and can't seem to relinquish any one.
This is quite understandable and I should know better than anyone cause I have been there, still doing that!

The major problem is not simply that you have many things you want to do, but that you have simply not organized your life and your goals.
Order. That is what we need.

When your mind is thinking in so many directions upon different goals and pursuits, it can get very chaotic and soon you may give up altogether, throw your hands in the air in despair and do nothing at all.
When your mind is thinking in so many directions upon different goals and pursuits, it can get very chaotic and soon you may give up altogether, throw your hands in the air in despair and do nothing at all. 
You do not want that.

Here are 5 Quick Steps to Help you get clear so you can ease the feeling of Overwhelm.

1. Ink It

The First step I think, and this is has helped me which is why I am sharing with you, is to take every detail out of your head and put it in writing.
"Write the vision on a tablet, that whoever reads it may run with it.'"

You feel overwhelmed because first, your mind is crowded with all of these thoughts and ideas. That is not where they should be. Your mind is a center for divine operation and should be treated as such.
It is where the seeds of dreams are planted and realities begin to take form. Your mind is a creativity center, not a dumping site.
You create the vision and plans first in your mind through your thinking, but you must transfer that to a physical space so you can free your mind.

What you want to do now is offload. Let everything go on paper.

At this point you are able to look at all your ideas, dreams, goals, plans at a glance. Now it becomes easy to do the next step.

2. Forward it
The Next step is to take into account those things that absolutely must be done at this time in your life because this is the best time to do them.
There are many dreams that can wait till a later time in your life, and some that just have to be achieved within the next 2, 3, 5 years. There are some things you absolutely must do now because of age and others that can be done at an older age.
This is a great place  to start if you will put things in the proper perspective.

You want to make this decisions while also looking for the good feeling from your internal guidance system which lets you know you are on the right track.

3. Focus on Right Now
It is always advisable to do one thing. The reasons for this are clear and obvious enough. However it is okay to do more than 1 thing, especially if the second thing is one that you do to support the first one.
If you can decide which one takes the most priority, meaning most of your time, then this helps you.
In my life for instance, my music is priority. My work in Makeup Artistry and the Beauty industry is also one I realize I must commit to but it comes in priority after my Music.

So decide which 2 things you can focus on right now at this time of your life, knowing that all the other things can happen later in your life.
Better to be successful at one than have all these many dreams and achieving none because you cannot bring yourself to focus.

4. Be Clear on Intent
Your dream is important to you for a reason. Think about this deeply. A lot of people fail because they fail to determine their WHY, their reason for doing the things they do.
Make sure that your WHY is clearly defined and brought to the forefront of your mind always. This is what will keep you going when all feels lost. This is what will fan the fire inside you when you don't feel the heat of your desire as much.

Why ?  Why do you want to achieve this ?  It has to be so important that it is almost bigger than the dream itself. It has to involve more than just your own benefit else it isn't big enough.
When you can begin to see the realization of your Dream affecting and benefiting many more lives, then it begins to have attractive power. The more attractive power your dream has the more you are pulled towards making it happen.

5. Begin at the End


Overwhelm mostly happens when we lose sight of where we are going and begin to take action randomly. We simply forget our Why, forget the grand Vision and just take action based on how we feel.
You cannot afford to keep on doing that. Your every action should be focused and intentional, knowing that with each action completed and each step taken, you are drawn closer and closer to achieving your dream.

What is the end picture ?  What do you do from where you are now to get there?  
Again, it is important that you think about this, visualize and see it clearly as a straight working road map and then write it all out on paper.
We have already discussed why it is important to write it out. I cannot stress this enough.
Understand that your Dream is a combination of many smaller dreams and goals. The plan for you is to determine what these smaller goals are and begin to work on them one at a time.
Do not try to do everything at once. This is what you have been doing, hence why you currently feel overwhelmed.

Remember to Always write it all down. Have a dedicated note pad, or an app on your device where you can consistently take your notes.
If you write in many different places and spaces, you will ultimately lose your best ideas and won't be able to glance at a collective of your thoughts when needed. In fact, dispersing your thoughts and Ideas here and there can certainly bring in more overwhelm. Remember, Order.

At this point, I am positive you should have figured out your next plan of action to ease and release the overwhelm and chaos that you currently face.

If this has been helpful for you, please share it with your friends on twitter and facebook so they can be inspired as well. Sharing is how we grow !  Thank You so much for reading, Do leave your thoughts in the comments below so others can learn from you as well!

All the best.

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